Epic Games is giving fortnite Various things for fans to vote for in Battle Royale during the first half of Season 8 and a new vote has just begun. fortnite Players are now being tasked with choosing between a Combat SMG or a Combat Assault Rifle.

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Epic Games recently announced new polling fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 in which players will donate gold to see a new weapon added to the loot pool. fortnite Fans can vote on donation boards that are scattered around Battle Royale Island as part of the ongoing war effort started by JB Chimpanski. The New Battle Pass Character Has Already Happened fortnite Players donate gold bars towards turret stations and Shockwave Launcher.


fortnite Fans haven’t got access to the Combat Assault Rifle in the Battle Royale game mode yet, so some fans are choosing that weapon by default. There have been occasions in the past when players could use Combat SMGs, so fortnite Fans may already be naturally reluctant to donate gold bars to vaulted weapons. Such was the case with the recently voted Shockwave Launcher, which overtook the Rift-to-Go that had previously been featured in other seasons. fortnite.

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This season marks the return of one of the future teasers for the war effort fortnitePlayers will also be required to donate gold bars to unlock a vehicle containing the unpopular weapon from Chapter 1 Season 10. Current donation boards are located near Stealthy Citadel, Lazy Lake, Steamy Stacks, Sluggy Swamp, Holy Hedges, Pleasant Park. , and Katy’s Corner. Considering how many gold bars it took to unlock the Shockwave Launcher, fortnite Fans will probably have to donate millions of them to unlock Combat SMGs or unlock Combat Assault Rifles.

fortnite Thanks to Fortnitemares, fans keep getting some minor tweaks to the battle royale and the game’s creative modes. There are several new skins as part of this year’s edition of the annual event with Frankenstein’s Monster, the walking deadRick Grimes, and a gold version of the classic fortnite Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger skins. Fortnitemares is also expected to introduce a secret Battle Pass skin and a new POI.

many popular fortnite Content creators have inspired their communities to donate their gold bars to the Combat Assault Rifle to add another new weapon to the loot pool. While gold bar donations are not guaranteed, there are still several levels of the battle effort left to unlock. Each level will reward players with additional fortnite The battle royale arsenal beyond weapons like the Dual Fiend Hunter Crossbow that’s being added with updates.

fortnite Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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