Fortnite patch notes – v18.00 adds the Sideways, new weapons, and reintroduces Punchcards and Shadow Stones

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has just launched, and we’ve got a breakdown of the Fortnite patch notes for update v18.00. With the conclusion of the Operation Sky Fire live event, the Imagined Order blows up the alien mothership, and Sloan leaves you to go down with it. As a result, too many cubes have crashed back onto the island and begin to corrupt the landscape, opening portals into each other’s realm. The sidewalk, as is known, has low gravity, no buildings, and can only be accessed through anomalies around the island.

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Inside the anomalies and contaminated areas, you will be able to find new sideways weapons – a rifle and a minigun. The Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2 Update brings several other new features, including the return of the Shadow Stones, new Fortnite characters, and punchcards. Here’s a summary of the biggest changes in the patch notes.

Season 8 Update v18.00 . Patch Notes for Fortnite


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Beginning with Season 8, Kevin the Cube clone has crashed to the surface of the island, and players can now access an alien territory known as Sideways. You can get sideways through anomalies around the map or sideways through the sideways area. Once inside Sideways, you’ll have to fight off an onslaught of cube monsters in a dome-shaped arena that prevents you from being able to build and has low gravity.

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Two new alien weapons from Sideways are also included in Fortnite with Chapter 2, Season 8. You can get your hands on the Sideways Rifle, a medium-range, semi-auto rifle, and the Sideways Minigun, which fires a lot of bullets. . Both weapons can deal more damage than they get but heating them up will leave you with a long reload period where you are unable to fire. They fall from defeated cube monsters in sideways anomalies, but they can also be found on the ground in sideways zones. The automatic sniper rifle and harpoon gun have also left the vault and returned in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8.

Unfortunately, none of Season 7’s POIs saw any major changes with Season 8, other than some corruption from Cubes. However, the destruction of the mothership has caused some fragments to crash to the surface of the island. In these crash sites, you’ll be able to find loot, purple glitter, transport tunnels, and the Fortnite Shadow Stones. First introduced in Season 6, Shadow Stones are small, purple-colored cubes that you can consume. Doing so temporarily transforms you into a ghost, making you nearly invisible and able to pass through objects.

New funding stations are also on the map with Season 8, and they allow players to contribute Fortnite Gold bars to certain community projects. The first of these is to build a network of turret stations. Over time, you’ll also use these stations to develop new weapons and vote to unlock them.

Finally, along with the usual quests, Fortnite Punchcards is back in the game as a new way to earn XP. There are daily and weekly punchcards to work with, and they include completing quests and challenges from normal gameplay to earn even more XP. Some Fortnite characters even have their own quest punchcards. You choose a character’s punchcard to pin and their location will appear on the map for you to locate them. You’ll then be able to choose their quest and start completing tasks for XP and leveling up your Battle Pass.

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