Fortnite season 8, week 4 challenge guide: Nitehare

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It’s time for a new batch once again fortnite The Challenges, this time for Season 8, Week 4. This week, you’ll face a new NPC named Nitehare, who provides the Hop Awake questline. Some of Nitehare’s quests are a little tricky, so you want all the help you can get to complete them. In this guide, we’ll shed light on new landscape challenges, with guides to tackle them all.

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Nitehare Challenge List

Map of Nitehare's location in Fortnite.

Below is a complete list of Nitehare’s discoveries. Remember, you’ll need to talk to Nitehare to speed up the search. This NPC is located on top of a hill to the east of Craggy Cliff.


Hope Awake Questline

  • Bounce on the tires three times without touching the ground (1)
  • Use an alien jump pad at an exotic accident site (1)
  • Travel in an exotic slipstream to an exotic accident site (100)
  • Damage to an opponent with a grenade (25)
  • Get an explosive elimination on a sideways cube monster (1)

Nitehare Challenge Guide

Bounce on the tires three times without touching the ground

Map of Tire locations in Fortnite.

Tires are found pretty much everywhere around the map, but if you’re looking for their specific locations, check out the image above. For best results, we recommend sticking to the edges, as they tend to be less busy than the center sections. When you bounce the tire, keep in mind that you will always need to adjust your position, so make sure you pay attention to where you are at the peak of the jump. Repeat two more times to get credit for this challenge.

Use the Alien Jump Pad at the Alien Crash Site

Map of accident sites in Fortnite.
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There are orange areas around the crash site map that feature destroyed ships and slipstreams. See the map above to see their locations. Thankfully, they are the same in every match, so there’s no need to search. When you arrive, be on the lookout for the pink launch pads scattered around the crash site. Bounce it once and you’ll complete the challenge.

Travel in an exotic slipstream to an exotic crash site

Slipstream in Fortnite.

There are slipstreams at the same crash site, as indicated by the tall, pink turbines atop the wrecked ships. You can build them or jump ship to enter. Once you do, travel 100 meters, and you’ll earn credits for the challenge.

damage an opponent with a grenade

Explosion in Fortnite.

This challenge is a bit more luck-based as it will depend on whether you get the grenade or not. If you play it safe and loot every building you come across, you’ll definitely find a grenade somewhere. For best results, we recommend having several grenades on your inventory, just in case. From here, wait until you find enemies hiding in the structures they’ve built and spam grenades on them. With a little luck, the structure will collapse and a grenade will damage them. Avoid throwing grenades in open spaces as the enemy will have more chances to escape from them.

Get an explosive elimination on a sideways cube monster

Sideways in Fortnite.

For the final challenge, you’ll want to use a similar strategy as before, only this time, there are designated areas for you to travel through called The Sideways. These are circular areas that appear randomly around the map. To find them, look on the map for the purple circles. As you make your way to sideways locations, make sure you loot like crazy so you can stock up on grenades. After doing that, enter The Sideways, slightly shoot one of the monsters to lower their health, and then dodge some grenades at them. You must eliminate the monster to earn the credit for this quest.

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