Fortnite season 8, week 9 challenge guide: Shadow Ops

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it’s another time fortnite Challenge guide, this time for Season 8, Week 9. This week, you’ll be able to participate in Shadow Ops quests, which are relatively simple if you frequent fortnite player. Still, you may need help with some of them, as a handful require you to go to specific places. Thankfully, you will be able to get through most of these naturally.

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Nonetheless, we have brought you tips to tackle the latest challenges. These are the new Shadow Ops quests and how to complete them fortnite,

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shadow ops challenge list

Location of Shadow Ops in Fortnite.

To start this quest, you need to go to Shadow Ops on the map itself. This NPC can be found on the south side of Lazy Lake, so go to their location and talk to them. Once that is done, the search will begin. Below is the full list of quests.

immediate tactical

  • Visit a Guardian Tower (1)
  • Collect light ammo, medium ammo and shells (3)
  • Cause shotgun damage to sideways cube monsters (150)
  • get a headshot with a pistol (1)
  • Eliminate an opponent with a SMG (1)

Shadow Ops Challenge Guide

Visit a Guardian Tower (1)

Guardian Towers map in Fortnite.
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To complete this challenge, simply visit one of the six Guardian Towers shown on the map above. We recommend the one by Weeping Woods as there is usually good loot around.

Collect light ammo, medium ammo and shells (3)

Ammo box in Fortnite.

This is one of the easiest challenges, because you’ll get through it without even trying. As long as you loot semi-regularly, you’ll find the various ammo you need to complete this challenge.

Cause shotgun damage to sideways cube monsters (150)

Cube Monsters in Fortnite.

Arguably the hardest quest of the bunch, it requires you to grab a shotgun, enter The Sideways, and damage Cube Monsters. Finding a shotgun is the hardest part, so land near the sidewalk (represented by a purple circle on the map), and loot every building you see. Once you have a shotgun, enter sideways and damage the creatures inside.

get a headshot with a pistol (1)

Jill using pistol in Fortnite.

This challenge isn’t too difficult, but to make it run more smoothly, we recommend playing in any team-based mode so you can beat the enemy player. Once they’re down, you can easily use a pistol to eliminate them with one headshot.

Eliminate an opponent with a SMG (1)

Jill using SMG in Fortnite.

Again, this challenge is likely to come naturally, but do your best to loot so you can find an SMG. If you’re playing in either team-based mode, you can knock down your opponent with any weapon, then switch to SMG to secure elimination. This is a handy trick if you have a normal SMG that doesn’t deal much damage.

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