While it’s only a few days left fortnite Season 8, Battle Royale is determined to end its current season with a bang. a new hotfix for fortnite v18.40 rolling out today, which adds another weapon item vote as well as the new “Strike from the Shadows” week.

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Epic Games’ ever-popular free-to-play title is in the final week of its current “Cubed” season. Continuing a plot thread from the prior Alien Invasion-themed season, fortnite As part of the ongoing war effort, the game has been letting players vote to bring weapons from the vault. Fans have since brought items like Combat Assault Rifles and Grapplers back to the island, and they’ll get another shot at getting another weapon back in vogue.


detailed on the officer fortnite Website, Latest Weapon Item Vote lets players decide between two fan-favorites: the proximity grenade launcher and the flint-lock pistol. Introduced during Chapter 1, Season 9, the Proximity Grenade Launcher fires a projectile similar to a standard grenade, in that it bounces off surfaces. However, whenever it approaches an opponent, the projectile can explode in mid-air. The flint-lock pistol has a very unique function, in that it launches the fielder and the target opponent in the opposite direction they are aiming, but is negated when hooked.

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Both weapons boast unique qualities that neither of the present fortnite Arsenal, so it should be interesting to see what players vote on. In addition to the new weapon item vote, a new themed week has begun, called Strike from the Shadows Week. fall in line with fortnite‘s Naruto The crossover event, next week with the Shadow Stones and Shadow Floppers, emphasizes Paper Bomb Kunai. The spawn rate of all three items is accelerated, with Epic Games encouraging players to sneak up on opponents in shadow form, then go for elimination with Paper Bomb Kunai.

a curious description of fortnite The hotfix is ​​at the beginning of the post, describing how it’s almost time to “implement the new fighting strategy.” While there is no indication of what this means, some players are already proving the intent of the specific action. There is very little time left in the current season, and the general belief is that the next one will debut fortnite Chapter 3, fans think it could be a recently leaked throwable ax weapon. Popular leaker HYPEX revealed the new weapon type model, though its stats and features remain a mystery.

combination of Naruto Crossover, Strike from Shadow Week, and a new weapon item Vote, fortnite Seems determined to spice things up for the rest of the season. However, next season things could quickly get more spicy, as it’s rumored to be adding a sliding mechanic.

fortnite Free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: epic games

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