Fortnite’s explosive alien event saw the return of Kevin the cube

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he brought friends

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latest live fortnite The event saw the return of a familiar friend, with an explosion-filled spectacle that included aliens, cubes, and lots of strange pieces of lore. And now that it’s over, the game is down in the lead-up to Season 8.


Before the event began, players were able to hang in a holding pen of sorts, located on parts of the farm floating above the island. He was greeted by the loud voice of this season’s main protagonist, or possibly antagonist – Doctor Sloan – who warned that “the aliens are about to begin their biggest abduction yet.” In my example of the game, everyone jumped over the same grain silo and danced for 20 minutes before the event actually started.

When this happened, players were initially sucked on the giant alien mothership that has been floating atop the island throughout the season, and were actually able to explore it, following Sloan’s orders in the long pink and purple sci-fi Were driving down the hallway together. According to Sloan, the goal was to use some fancy backpacks to dispense explosives that would take the ship down for good.

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Things, of course, didn’t go according to plan, and players were eventually locked in a room with fan-favorite character Kevin, a giant cube rolling around. fortniteisland in 2018. The cube began a familiar bright pink and purple color, before eventually going dark for a brief period – at which point Sloan clarified that it would be a suicide mission. The players were then able to communicate with Kevin; It turned a happy shade of blue before making an escape route. Eventually, everyone is brought into a huge room filled with giant cubes, which shows that Kev isn’t alone in the universe.

Then everything exploded in one scene Independence day, And fragments of the alien ship – cubes included – fell towards the island. As in previous live events, players could not influence what actually happened. It was a weird-to-fun rollercoaster, with millions along for the ride. Closest Similar to Experience fortniteThe first single-player mission of the season, which marked the beginning of Season 6.

if you don’t play fortnite, it was a few hundred words of ambiguity, but for those who are invested in the strange world, the alien phenomenon was another example of Epic’s rapidly growing narrative ambitions. The event ended with a timer now counting down the minutes to Season 8 – which begins tomorrow, September 13th. Until then, fortnite is down and not playable.

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