The end of 2021 for Xbox has been massive, with several triple-A games releasing across the platform. One of these high-profile games is forza horizon 5, a racing game set in diverse regions of Mexico. Since the game was released on November 5, it has become one of the most successful titles on Xbox. Despite this success, the game has had its fair share of post-launch difficulties.

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Recently, Playground Games, developers of forza horizon 5, posted a blog post on its website detailing the issues affecting the racing simulator. According to the developer, the game has been facing several problems related to multiplayer play since its launch. The Post acknowledged that these difficulties were undoubtedly frustrating for those affected, and promised that improvements were to come.


In addition to solving serious problems forza horizon 5, the blog post detailed which multiplayer areas were being looked at by the game studio. Among the issues the developer wants to address are bugs that cause players to randomly disappear from multiplayer mode. It specifically mentions a problem with Convoys and Horizon Arcade. In addition, there are matchmaking improvements coming to Horizon Open, as well as solving challenges in Eliminator.

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In addition to these server and matchmaking difficulties, Playground Games touched on the topic of in-game cheaters. According to the developer, players have posted high scores on leaderboards that are unattainable, except using cheats. Despite admitting that the cheating will never go away, the company revealed that it wants to improve its defenses to prevent fraudsters and hackers from ruining the gameplay experience for others.

The blog post also discussed inbound changes for a custom game creator, called EventLab. Based on information from the developer, a future update will allow players to save and edit content created in the Creation Tool. The rationale behind these upcoming changes to the feature is to allow gamers to save their work on projects and return to them later. “We know how difficult it is to create the masterpieces that many of you are known for,” the post explained. In addition, the developer noted that systems are being developed to prevent XP/credit AFK farms in EventLab.

Good to know that the company is committed to fixing these issues that are affecting multiplayer playability forza horizon 5, While the exact dates for when these fixes will be implemented are yet to be revealed, the high priority of these issues suggests that fans won’t have to wait too long. Hopefully, playground games will soon solve many of these problems so those who want to race with their friends can get back on the road.

forza horizon 5 Now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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