Foundation season 2: cast, plot and everything we know so far

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Work is underway on Foundation Season 2 for Apple TV Plus. The streamer’s flagship sci-fi series was renewed for another outing in October 2021—which isn’t a huge surprise, considering how much money, time, and effort has been put into the show so far.

Still, it’s nice to read that Foundation Season 2 is in development. In our view, the show suffered in the beginning From initial issues, But as it progressed, its first season grew stronger, culminating in a Absorbed Season Finale This lays the foundation for more exciting episodes to come.


So what do we know about the second season of Foundation? Not much. There’s no definite release date yet, nor does it seem like any major developments have taken place.

How Season 1 ended, what characters were still alive after its finale, and based on Isaac Asimov’s beloved novels, we can form a picture of Foundation Season 2. Courage To join. Below, we’ve compiled everything we know about the second season of Foundation, including potential plot points, the actors expected to return, the future of the series, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about Foundation Season 2 apple tv plus,

foundation season 2 release date

Foundation season 2 release date: 2023?

It is unclear when Foundation Season 2 will be released. As we mentioned, there’s no in-depth information about where the show’s creative team is headed with its development, or when the cast and crew will begin filming.

Can we Doing Know that showrunner David S. Goyer is ready to go to work as soon as possible. talking to collider, Goyer Told Season 2 could It will enter production in 2022 if everyone else was readily available, but declined to elaborate on how much Season 2 has been written so far.

Luckily, one of the Foundation’s main cast members was more forthcoming about where Season 2 is on the production line. Leah Harvey to play Salver Hardin revealed tv line that “we’ve already started work on season 2,” so Some Aspects of growth are starting to go into gear.

Facilitating principal photography starting with Foundation Season 2 this year, it won’t be released until 2023 at the earliest. Foundation is a huge undertaking for everyone involved, so there is a lot to complete filming, handling storyboarding and script writing And Post-production work has to be done before it is ready for release. Our idea? Don’t expect it to arrive before the middle of 2023.

foundation season 2 plot

Foundation Season 2 Plot: What Will the Story Be About?

Full spoilers for Foundation Season 1 follow.

While fans of Asimov’s novels may think they know where the Season 2 story will go, the source material cannot be relied upon to reveal any major story beats. Why? Because, although the creators used the books as the basis for the TV adaptation of The Foundation, the show had largely diverged from Asimov’s novels by the end of its Season 1.

Still, there are plenty of unresolved plot threads and storylines that need to be picked up and addressed in Foundation Season 2. And, based on comments made by the cast and crew, we have some clues as to where some of the story and character arcs may be headed.

For his part, Goyer explained that the answers to some of Season 1’s open-ended plot points will be resolved in future seasons, telling collider: “If there’s a question we haven’t answered, there’s a reason why we didn’t answer it. It’s not because we forgot about it. It’s ‘look at this space’.”

Goyer, however, was pleased with how certain events in Season 1 might affect his successor.

One of the biggest moments in the Season 1 finale was the revelation that Brothers Dawn, Day and Dusk — portrayed by Cassian Bilton, Lee Pace and Terrence Mann — are No Clone similar to clone I. After Etto Demerzel (Laura Byrne) kills Don’s current incarnation due to a genetic difference that made him an unclean clone, it is revealed that All The clones of the clones are genetically unique. An anti-Imperial resistance group, which included Don’s ex-boyfriend Azura, had tampered with the DNA of Clone I’s host body decades earlier, ensuring that none of the Empire’s current rulers had the same clone as Clone I. are not.

talking to newsweek After the finale, Goyer teased what this setback could mean for the trio in Season 2.

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“Part of the fun of the show is moving forward [is] We’ll see how different the different clones are,” Goyer said. “It’s part of the jazz that we’re playing with Terence, Cassian, and Lee, because even though they’re the same actors, some of the characters are going to be very different. Huh. One of the exciting things about this monkey wrench, which has been thrown into the genetic kingdom, is what does it do when you introduce chaos into that system?”

For Pace, the Great Spiral Pilgrimage made that day in Episode 8 revealed the larger empire of the Season 1 finale. talking to wrapPaes said: “He looks up to his brothers and especially his younger brother [Dawn], which is now appearing different in all these ways, and is basically shouting ‘me too’. I feel the same way you feel. I know we live under the fantasy that we are all one man, and I know better now. I cannot un-see what I have seen. I can not forget. I can’t believe I am clean. I have to believe now that I am this person after what I have experienced. I think it changes the culture inside the dynasty forever.”

Episode 10’s other major plot point confirmed a series-long fan theory: that Salver Hardin (Leah Harvey) is the daughter of Gal Dornick (Lou Lobel). The final scene of the episode is reserved for the end of these two lead characters meeting – though 138 years in the future. As viewers will remember, in Episode 2 Gaal froze her fetus. That fertilized egg will become the salver, which remains at the terminus a century later. The only reason Gaal and Salver finally meet is because of the time travel elements of the show as well as Gaal entering cryostasis for decades at a time.

While Goyer was concerned about whether the pair’s relationship would potentially escalate in Season 2, showrunners for the series provided some context as to how Gal might react to Salver’s announcement and, given their respective time travel adventures, Gaal is oddly younger than her daughter when they are reunited.

“The story of Gal and Salvoir … I would say the closest analogy would be if someone abandoned the baby at birth and didn’t even know what happened to them,” Goyer told Newsweek. “And then one day that adult kid knocks on their door and says, ‘Hey, Mom.’ What’s different is that, at least biologically, Salver is a few years older than the cheeks that those That’s one of the fun things you can only do in science fiction. I think Salver is about 26 or 27 years old, and Gal is only 23, 22.”

For Hardin, the actor told tv line: “These two characters are complete strangers and we face new challenges in how we navigate this new relationship, as well as the world around them. [in season 2], They’ve both traveled years into the future, and everything they know has been left behind. They are, potentially, the only ones left near each other. It is a profound feeling to contemplate, but it is something that needs time to process. Whether they have the luxury of time or not is another question entirely.”

And what about the Second Foundation, which fans of Asimov’s book series already know about? As Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) teased in Season 1, he establishes two foundations at opposite ends of the galaxy – one the Empire knows about and one he doesn’t. So will Foundation Season 2 show viewers where the secret society is and what its purpose is?

“It’s definitely something we’re going to be exploring,” Goyer told Newsweek. “I didn’t bring it up not to mention it again. One of the other things about Second Foundation in the books is that Second Foundation also develops extensively off-screen, at least in the original trilogy. It’s almost Appears as a Deus Ex machine. And I thought, for viewers of the show, it wouldn’t be fair, that we have to see another Foundation grow.”

Expect the Second Foundation to play as prominent a role in the new season as the First Foundation did in Season 1. Not only that, but a second Selden Crisis is likely to form a big part of the series’ second season as well. The alliance finally formed between Terminus, Thespis, and Anacreon in Season 1 allowed a trio of outer-rim planets to navigate the First Crisis. But, as Hari’s AI creation told all three races in Episode 10, there will be more challenges along the way. So it will be interesting to see how those Seldon crises are adapted from the novels for TV purposes.

foundation season 2 cast

Cast of Foundation Season 2: Who’s Returning?

Again, there is no confirmation on this front yet. But, based on who appeared in the show’s first season, and where Season 2’s multi-story threads might go, these candidates are most likely to return:

  • Jared Harris as Hari Seldon
  • Lee Pace as Brother’s Day
  • Lou Lobel as Gal Dornick
  • Leah Harvey as Salver Hardin
  • Laura Byrne as Etto Demerzel
  • Terence Mann as Brother Dusky
  • Cassian Bilton as Brother Don

Season 2 will also introduce new characters. As part of the Foundation Season 2 announcement, Goyer confirmed (via an Apple TV Plus press release) that more live-action incarnations of classic characters from Asimov’s novels will appear in the show’s next installment.

Goyer explained, “With season two, our audience will have the chance to tour more of Asimov’s indelible characters and worlds, including Hober Mallow, General Bel Rios, and all the Outer Suns.” “We’re playing the long game…

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