FPS Boost on Xbox Series X could come to more games in the future

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FPS Boost, a feature on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that can quadruple the frame rates of backward compatible titles, could take advantage of more games in the future.

Speaking to TRG, Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management at Xbox, didn’t rule out the possibility that FPS Boost could one day get more titles.


“To be honest, we don’t really know yet,” Ronald says.

“One of the challenges we have on some of the enhancements and capabilities is that we do all this with no code changes to the actual original game. So, as we identify new techniques to enhance and optimize titles, often, We know this won’t work on all games, and I think FPS Boost is a great example of this, where we’re dodging games to run at a very high framerate.

“And some games it works really well. But there are other games that look and play amazing 99% of the games. But then we discover a really game-breaking bug that happens 80% of the way out.” Or 90% of the way through,” says Ronald. “And a lot of the time, we try to come up with solutions, and we see if we can work through those issues. But since we see it as a black box, we don’t have the ability to directly change the game code.

“It’s one of those challenges. But we’re pushing these sports further than ever. And unfortunately, some techniques don’t work in all sports.”

fast frame rate

FPS Boost is only available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S because the new hardware requires significantly increased CPU power to run games at higher frame rates.

Some games, like Mad Max, have enjoyed an increase in frame rate from 30fps to 120fps, and countless older Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles now run smoothly at 60fps thanks to the clever technical magic of Microsoft.

It’s encouraging that an FPS boost isn’t entirely off the table in the future, then, that doubling the frame rate of 30 FPS titles could have a transformative effect on how games feel, look and play.

  • PS5 and Xbox Series X games with 120fps support

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