French startup Circular unveils promising Oura fitness-tracking competitor

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Several smartwear products took center stage at CES 2022. In addition to heavy hitters like Garmin and Skagen, a Movano ring was also unveiled, with a design that specifically kept female users in mind. Finally, a French company called Circular also unveiled its first product, simply called the Circular Ring.

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The circular ring has a changeable outer shell for the user’s customization. This ring is extremely light weighing only 4 grams. It is also water resistant up to 5 meters. It also offers built-in data storage of up to 22 days without a Bluetooth connection. Biocompatible resin-based products will be available in a variety of sizes.

Mowano Ring.  Credits: Movano Officials.
The circular ring could give tough competition to the Movano ring in the coming years. Mowano officer.

Tracking and Features

The 14-day calibration period begins as soon as the user wears the ring for the first time. During this period, Ring establishes the user’s baseline health parameters, which help them give personalized and actionable recommendations to make healthy changes in their lives. Tracks multiple health metrics including circular temperature, heart rate variability, energy level, and VO2 Max,


A double in circular . Is PPG sensor This is combined with the circular app in its ring that allows it to read heart signals and blood oxygen. It detects if the heart rate shows any signs of cardiac arrhythmias, and if the heart rhythm is stable. The tracked data is believed to be clinically accurate and may be shared with a professional for further advice. Wearing it both day and night can help the circularist to correlate the data using machine learning.

Circular also seems to be extremely effective when tracking sleep. It can tell the user how much time they spend in each sleep phase – light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, and when they are awake. More importantly, it also calculates how efficiently the user has slept. The app shares data on several important parameters to check sleep quality, including time taken to fall asleep, sleep debt, actual sleep time, sleep disturbances, etc. It also provides silent vibrations for users in their light sleep phase to wake them up if they wish, without disturbing their surroundings.

price and availability

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A single charge of the Ring gives it a battery life of four days. A single charge from 0% to 100% can be completed in an hour. The pre-orders, which will start soon, will go on till February 27, 202. During that time the device will cost 259 euros ($293). From February 28, the price will rise to 289 euros ($327). The shipping and other details are expected to be announced by the company soon.

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