From kitty bathroom monitors to chairs that induce Kegels: The weirdest tech from CES 2022

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When it comes to off-the-wall technology, CES never disappoints.

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it’s part of the story They, where Nerdshala covers the latest news on the most incredible technology coming soon.


every year, They Brings us some of the most innovative, futuristic concepts — the things we’ve come to expect Talking about the coming years, It also brings us technology that is a bit out there. Products that leave us scratching our heads and asking, “What inspired this?”

To be clear, that doesn’t mean it’s bad technology, nor does it mean it’s unpredictable. Those are just things none of us had in our CES 2022 bingo cards.

pharaoh o2 massage chair

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There are massage chairs, and then there’s Pharaoh by O2 Bodyfriend – A CES innovation honor and premium massage chair that looks like something out of a first class flight of the future. Other chairs from Bodyfriend start at $2,499 and go up to $9,999, and all are packed with high-tech features to maximize your comfort.

What kind of features? Pharaoh O2’s Innovation Awards Page Says the chair uses advanced sensors to help you recuperate. We are not just talking about back massage. According to Bodyfriend: “The perineal massage function not only helps with blood circulation to the pelvic floor muscles and perineum, it also prompts the user to perform Kegel exercises to help maintain health.”

Kegel techniques are nothing new, as Nerdshala’s Claire Reilly discovered in 2017, but a chair that inspires Kegel exercises appears to be the first chair of its kind. The product page doesn’t explicitly say that the chair is for pregnant individuals, but the specific callout of perineal massage makes it sound like the product was designed with that audience in mind.

OWO Game Haptic VR Vest

OWO Games wants you to feel the games you play – not only emotionally, but physically as well. The wireless vest uses haptic technology to mimic the sensations of the real world. Imagine a form-fitting vest almost like an athletic compression shirt, responding to what’s happening in the virtual world. In Words of OWO: “Our algorithm … allows us to create infinitely different sensations such as rain, gunshot, wind or hugs.”

The concept itself isn’t as strange as the decision to sandwich a “gunshot” between gentle feelings like rain, wind, and hugs. As gaming technology evolves, people are looking for more ways to make them more engrossed, and a haptic vest is the latest stop in that quest. OWO game too. much smoother than haptic vest we’ve seen in the past,

Image 6

If you’ve ever thought that games would be more fun if you felt like you were being shot, OWO has you covered.

Petno Noseprint ID for Dogs

Humans may use fingerprints as unique identifiers, but dogs’ paw pads lack the distinctive features (and manual dexterity) that let us fingerprint them. Apart from Patano Your pup has found a way to do without the high-five tablet — just take a picture of that beautiful snoot instead.

Canine noses have unique patterns of ridges and bumps, and Patano uses neural networks to identify them. technology has earned CES Innovation Award Honors in software and mobile apps. And Petno is putting the technology to practical use: “With an advanced identification technology-driven registration system with dog nose prints, Petno aims to create a world without dogs lost or abandoned.”

Macat AI-Enabled Robotic

Robotic pets have been around since at least 2000, when poo-chi Hit the shelves. After all, electronics are much cheaper than pets owning a live cat or dog, But macroact Wants to bring these toys with macaws in the future. A “social robot,” Macat is designed to adapt to your home environment, which seems a bit like a robot vacuum With four legs and no cleaning function.

However, macaws can do more than just learn how not to hit walls. Macroact says the macat is “equipped with face, voice and emotion-recognition” and is “capable of analyzing and evaluating situations through emotional intelligence algorithms.” Worried you won’t get the authentic cat experience? Not to be afraid, says Macroact: “The macaw reacts differently depending on its own mood and situation, avoiding repetition. [experiences],


You won’t have to clean the litter box with the macaw robot cat.

PurrSong Lavvie Cat Monitoring Techniques

Cats are notorious for pretending things don’t bother them. fell off the couch? Leave it as if nothing has happened. Missed the jump on the countertop? Pretend you weren’t interested in the first place. In most cases, this is a harmless and humorous instinct, but when it comes to your cat’s health, it can be more dangerous.

PurrSong Lavvie products take some of the guesswork out of monitoring your cat’s health by monitoring their activity and bathroom habits. as Nerdshala Written by Patrick Holland“The idea is that any and all of this data can help you visualize your cat’s daily routine and, more importantly, quickly notice when they break that routine.”

It’s cool and useful technology, but “feline bathroom monitoring” is definitely one of the surprises from this year’s CES.

PurrSong LavvieBox LavvieTag CES 2022

PurrSong’s products are designed to let you know when your cats feel sick based on your behavior.

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