Funcom now owns Conan, wants to do for the Barbarian what ‘Fortnite did with the Avengers’

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The folks at Funcom must love slaying swords and monsters while swinging naked dudes really well. With Age of Conan and Conan Exiles under their belt, the developer has cut short in the chase and Robert E. Howard purchased the rights to Conan the Barbarian outright, with plans to create the Avengers of the universe.

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The purchase comes as part of Funcom’s acquisition of the holding firm Cabinet Group, which also grants studio ownership to Solomon Kane, Mutant Year Zero, and several others—all of which will be brought under the Heroic signing Funcom and Cabinet jointly established back then. To license later characters for games in 2018.

“Conan is the jewel in the crown, but we probably have 30 to 50 characters that we can take advantage of,” explained Cabinet CEO Fredrik Malmberg. sportsindustry.bizFuncom boasting of the drums they’ve just acquired. “We realized we couldn’t just work through Funcom because they’re too busy with Dune, Conan Exiles, and all their other games.”


It looks like Funcom already has a close relationship with Conan owners, and buying the property outright only makes sense — especially with a Netflix adaptation is currently in development. But Funcom CEO Rui Cassais hinted at bigger plans for the rest of the catalog, saying in a note to the press that he wants to do with Howard’s characters “what Fortnite has done with the Avengers” (via) eurogamer)

“We are currently overseeing development of an unannounced game that will add multiple characters to the Robert E. Howard universe. And if you combine your knowledge of Funcom’s games with the heroic signature knowledge of the TV/entertainment, publishing and licensing industries , this sets us all up to take this venture to the next level. These are exciting times for us and for fans of IP.”

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Funcom’s last Conan game, Exile, was famous (or infamous) for its free-hanging dongs, but little else. Phil Ivanuk described it in our Conan Exiles review as a perfectly fine sandbox survival RPG. It looks like Funcom isn’t content to rest on its new acquisitions, and while Conan’s allies are getting some kind of wild crossover extravaganza, let’s hope the big guy gets the chance to stretch his muscles once again. Will get a chance

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