Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is ready to latch onto your iPhone 12 – here’s how to stacks up

Apple has introduced a new addition to its suite of MagSafe products with the MagSafe battery pack. This accessory provides a portable charging option for iPhone owners who want the convenience of wireless charging with the easy connectivity of MagSafe.

This battery pack comes nearly a year after the introduction of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and the re-invention of MagSafe technology present on Apple’s MacBooks. Surprisingly, few genuine MagSafe-branded accessories have surfaced since launch, and many of them are cases that don’t do much to take advantage of the technology. Hence, the introduction of MagSafe battery pack certainly helps in narrowing down the offerings for this product category.

At $99, the MagSafe battery pack may struggle to entice though. The pack keeps to Apple’s aesthetic, looking like a charging brick with a smooth plastic frame and curved edges. But, aside from magnet links, it’s not packing full potential.

limited power and high price

The MagSafe battery pack, which is now available at the Apple Store in the US, UK and Australia, is really just gimmicky because it is coming directly from Apple and uses MagSafe technology. Other than that, it doesn’t seem to offer much. Apple also doesn’t note battery capacity – which may not be surprising – but it is listed on the pack as just 1,460 mAh. This is less than a single charge of the iPhone 12 Mini’s battery.

Charging speed is also quite limited. When charging wirelessly on the go, the MagSafe battery pack maintains a low charging speed of 5W. On the plus side, it can bump up to 15W wireless charging when connected to a 20W power adapter, which will also see the battery charge back up at the same time.

But, the low charging and capacity specs certainly call into question the value of the $99 product. The market is flooded with battery banks that cost a lot while charging a lot. A notable example is the $45 Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K, which isn’t technically a MagSafe accessory, but magnetic for an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro while offering 5,000mAh of juice and hitting the same 5-watt wireless charging speed. implicitly attaches.

So, while Apple’s MagSafe portable charger may stand out as an exclusive product, it may struggle to land among the best portable chargers.

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