Best Netflix shows: 30 amazing TV shows that are worth binge watching

Looking for the best Netflix shows in 2021? We update this list of the 30 best Netflix TV shows every week with new stuff to help you get the most out of your subscription to the streamer. This week, we’ve added Master of None and the new series Sweet Tooth to our list, which we highly recommend adding to your watch list.

This list of the best Netflix shows in the US includes many obvious classics – from big hits like Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy, to series we’ve enjoyed lately, like Halston with Cobra Kai, Bridgerton or Ewan McGregor. You will also find many shows here that Netflix has acquired from other studios such as Breaking Bad and Community.

If you’re looking for great blockbusters and cinema classics, check out our list of the best Netflix movies. If you’re looking for real entertainment, we also have an excerpt on the best Netflix documentaries.

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sweet tooth

Netflix’s latest comic book adaptation couldn’t go down with superheroes. This post-apocalyptic fantasy series is about a half-human, half-deer boy who travels a doomed world with a hardened protector – in search of a new life among the ruins of America. If you’re in the mood for something that’s all it takes to look family warm but has an edge, don’t miss out on Sweet Tooth. If you enjoy it, check out the amazing comics by Jeff Lemire the show is based on.

Season 1 on Netflix

master of none

After a long four-year hiatus, Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s brilliant romantic/friendship comedy-drama returns with a new season centered on Lena Waithe’s Dennis. It’s worth a watch for veterans of the series, even if the vibe is very different from last season, but for anyone who hasn’t seen the show at all, it’s one of the best things to do in Netflix’s library.

Ansari plays Dev, an aspiring actor, and the magic of the show comes in the reality of how Millennials approach relationships, dating and cultural issues. It also does so without a heavy hand—we hope this third season isn’t the last time we see Master of None.

Season 3 on Netflix

love, death and robots

Adult CG animated anthology Love, Death and Robots has just returned for its second, short season of episodes. Like all anthologies, the quality varies between episodes, but taken as one big work, the show has a lot to offer. Ideas vary wildly between comedy and drama, with a deep touch at the heart of the series – what happens if a house cleaning unit starts trying to kill its owner? What happens if a yogurt tries to secure world domination? Sometimes, an episode is as simple as a woman running away from a murderer after witnessing a gruesome murder.

The episodes are pretty short, so you’ll be on fire through this entire series in no time. Love, Death and Robots delivers some of the best sci-fi adventures on Netflix – we just wish there was more to it. If you want to watch only the best episodes, check out our handy ranked list of every Love, Death and Robot episode.

Season 2 on Netflix


Ewan McGregor stars in Netflix mega-creator Ryan Murphy’s latest big show. This biographical miniseries focuses on women’s fashion designer Halston, documenting her various ups and downs over the years – with her success in designing the hats worn by Jackie Kennedy in the ’60s, His later trouble staying in business, until his ’70s explosion in popularity as a fashion pioneer.

McGregor has a lot of fun as the titular figure, which gives us a great cross-section of his life as an artist and businessman, his personal issues and professional victories. Even though it’s otherwise very familiar-feeling as biographical projects go, it’s extremely well-produced, and something you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of expensive period shows like Mad Men — and it’s one of Murphy’s classy shows. On the other hand is the recent work.

Season 1 on Netflix

shadow and bone

Netflix has enjoyed a lot of success with its fantasy TV offerings in recent times. Shadow and Bone, then, had a lot to live in in a genre that includes The Witcher, but it holds its own with a bold and twisting plot, investable characters, and lots of drama.

It may have taken a few episodes for Shadow and Bone to arrive, and there could have been more in the way of the action. Once you’re invested in its story and characters, though, Shadow and Bone is a world you can easily get lost in — and one you’ll want to be in. Fingers crossed Netflix Builds A Shadow and Bone Season 2.

Season 1 on Netflix

Chappelle’s Show

The highly influential sketch show Chappelle’s Show disappeared from Netflix US last year, but is now back in service after comedian Dave Chappelle struck a deal with the owners of the series that paid off handsomely. That means you can now fully enjoy this innovative series of amazing jokes and recurring characters — including one of our favorite skits that portrays PS2-era Grand Theft Auto as accurately as it does in real life. Will work.

Season 3 on Netflix


The word ‘lupine’ might make you think of a million anime movies, and this French series literally uses con character Arsene Lupine as a point of inspiration for its protagonist. Omar Si plays Asane Diop, the son of a Senegalese immigrant who was wrongfully imprisoned for theft at the behest of his powerful employer. Decades after his father commits suicide, Asane plots revenge on the employer’s family, using ‘gentleman thief’ skills inspired by the Lupine character. The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier is behind this watchable series — with only five episodes available right now, it won’t take you long to get through.

The second part of the five episodes will be available from June 11, 2021.

Season 1 on Netflix


This bold and sexually charged Netflix period drama based on the romance novels by Julia Quinn has quickly become a ‘ton’ of talk. It follows a troupe of young socialists as they navigate a season of balls, betrayal and betrayal in 1813 London – and attempt to topple the mysterious Lady Whistledown, whose ‘gossip sheets’ make her the reputation of a debutante overnight. or capable of breaking.
It’s largely a blast, with sharp screenplays, backgrounds with costumes and color, and playful covers of Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande on time-appropriate equipment. Its diverse casting is a relief, underscoring Bridgeton’s desire to shake up the modernized and often stuffy style.

It’s not all smooth, especially in its troublesome treatment of sexual assault in an unfortunately memorable episode. Given the talent on board and the generally warm welcome, we hope the show’s creatives can treat their relationship with Bridgerton Season 2 with a little more care.

Season 1 on Netflix

cobra moss

Once a YouTube original, Netflix recently took away the rights to the Karate Kid continuation TV show Cobra Kai. Set 34 years after Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) is defeated by Danny LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), the former Cobra Kai dojo once again opens to teach a new generation of kids how to fight. It sparks the old rivalry of Johnny and Danny, this time the show’s villain, a clever flip of the premise of the original film.

If you love the karate kid, this show is a lot of fun, and both of its leads are in surprisingly great shape as they perform fight stunts in their fifties. Season 3 is now on Netflix, and Cobra Kai Season 4 is coming this year as well.

Season 3 on Netflix

Haunting of Hill House / Bailey Manoro

If you’re looking for the best Netflix horror TV show, there’s The Haunting of Hill House — followed by the 2020 successor series, The Haunting of Bailey Manor. Hill House is about a family that returns to their old home to contemplate the events that turn them away from it, a story that consists of several terrifying moments, which is a terrifying cast (Carla Gugino and Henry Thomas).

Meanwhile, Bailey Manor doesn’t quite reach the same spooky heights — it’s about an American au pair caring for some widowed children in another sprawling old house, with a lot of spooky going on, but It’s a gothic romance at its heart, and appreciably different to Hill House. Both are worth watching on Netflix.

Season 2 on Netflix

big mouth

Big Mouth has been such a success for Netflix that it has renewed the grossed-out animated comedy for Season 6 – Season 4, meanwhile, has only been dropped in December 2020. It’s about a group of 7th grade kids making it through the trials of puberty. Living in New York City.

Each of the children is haunted by hormone demons influencing their decisions. It’s downright sordid at times, but a lot of fun, helped out by a stellar ensemble cast of voice actors including John Mulaney, Jordan Peele, Jenny Slate, and Nick Kroll. Worth watching if you’re a fan of adult animated comedies in general.

Season 4 on Netflix


The Crown was Netflix’s first major swing at British prestige drama, the likes of which usually come from the BBC. The show’s huge budget has resulted in a lavish portrayal of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, first played by Claire Foy, and most recently portrayed by Olivia Colman in Season 3, with a killer ensemble cast. was booted.

You might have mixed feelings about the royal family in real life, but this honest-feeling show is worth watching. The Crown season 4 – exploring the relationship of Charles and Diana, and featuring Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher – is…

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