Best VPS hosting providers of 2021: Virtual Private Servers for all budgets

Managed Linux VPS plans start at $8.24 for 1 core and 1 GB of RAM, which is a bit low but decent for starter websites with plans to increase resource allocation at a reasonable price rate.

For unmanaged Linux, plans start at just $4.99 for the same 1 core and 1GB RAM device. However, there are far more VPS hosting plans available for unmanaged Linux, with the top tier offering 16 cores and 96 GB of RAM.

Windows plans follow a similar pattern, though pricing starts at a little over $12.74 for a managed VPS with a single core and 1GB of RAM. The unmanaged options are similar in terms of specs to unmanaged Linux, though the pricing is again a bit high at $10.99 per month.

Whatever you want, Hostwinds offers a lot of options.

  • You can sign up for Hostwinds VPS hosting here.

6. Liquid Web

An organization that focuses on quality, even if it costs

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