Canon is thinking of bringing the APC-S sensor to the EOS R system

Reports of Canon developing an APS-C format EOS R camera have been around since October 2020. At the time, it was speculated that this new type of camera would arrive in late 2021.

While this is unlikely to happen, reports of Canon APS-C RF mount cameras abound, with often credible Canon rumors now suggesting that the Japanese camera maker is “actively conducting market research”. […] To see if there is a real demand for such cameras”.

We’ve already heard about three crop sensor EOS R cameras that are believed to be in the pipeline — namely the EOS R7, R8 and R9 — which will power not only Canon’s EOS 7D series DSLRs but also Canon’s M-series APS- C can also replace mirrorless cameras.

Interestingly, though, the new report reveals that Canon has no plans to make an RF-S lens, which means the company isn’t looking at redesigning the RF mount and such a crop sensor camera, if If produced, will use an existing RF lens or an EF lens. A lens adaptor.

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Should Canon make an APS-C EOS R camera?

Nikon has already gone and done it – the Z50 now has two APS-C format Z-series cameras and the newly-announced Nikon Z fc. But what’s stopping Canon?

So far, the company has kept its two mirrorless lines – the EOS M and EOS R – aside, putting far more resources into perfecting its full-frame mirrorless line-up. If Canon decides to go down the crop sensor mirrorless pathway, the EOS M line is very likely to be dropped entirely.

In fact, we can even speculate that Canon is already considering doing so because the last camera to be added to the range – the Canon EOS M50 Mark II – was a disappointing upgrade from the first-generation EOS M50. And it would make a lot of sense for Canon to focus on its full-frame mirrorless system if it produces affordable versions of the EOS R and EOS RP and keeps adding to the RF lens line-up.

Then there’s the competition for ideas from Sony and Fujifilm. Both camera makers have done very well with their APS-C format A-series and X-series cameras, with Canon’s M-series lagging far behind any brand.

While it’s great to have high-spec cameras like the EOS R5, most camera systems are supported by sales of their lower-end models that are much more mainstream and accessible. And with DSLRs slowly fading and no longer being money-makers for Canon or Nikon, it makes total sense for Canon to consider going down the APS-C RF mount route.

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