Google Photos locked folder rolls out to Pixel phones – here’s how it works

A few weeks ago Google announced a handy new ‘Locked Folder’ feature for Google Photos – and now it’s explained a bit more about how it will work, as it starts rolling out to Pixel phones.

The ‘Locked Folder’ feature lets you save snaps in a passcode-protected space, where they can be protected from prying eyes of anyone who is viewing your Google Photos feed.

To start with, the feature will be exclusive to Google Pixel phones, but Google has said it will come to “more Android devices throughout the year.” So how easy would it be to add a Snap to a locked folder?

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The GIF below shows it in action for the first time. Slightly opposite, you’ll need to choose to save a photo to a locked folder before you can take it – to do this, you can tap the ‘Folder’ icon in the top right corner of Android’s Camera app, then ‘Locked Folder’ Select.

Once you’ve taken a photo, you can preview it to apply, move, or delete any edits. But once you have pre-selected its location, it will automatically be stored in Google Photos’ private folder.

Then how do you see it with all the other pictures in your locked folder? Simply tap on the ‘Gallery’ icon in the top right corner, then go to ‘Library’, then to ‘Utilities’. Here, you’ll find the new ‘Locked Folder’ option – once hit, just enter your phone’s passcode and you can view the rest of your private Snaps.

locked and loaded

While we’re not sure what made Up Dog worth keeping in Locked Folders, it certainly looks like a handy new feature — albeit with a few limitations.

As Google confirmed in its new post on the feature, all Locked Folder photos are saved locally on your phone and are not backed up. On the plus side, this means it’s not possible for them to show up in Google Photos Storage, Shared Albums, or any other app.

But unfortunately for those hoping for a cloud-based private folder for Google Photos, those photos won’t be backed up anywhere—so if anything happens to your phone, you might lose them.

Also, if you move existing photos or videos to a locked folder, Google states that “cloud backups of these items will be deleted”. This makes sense from a privacy standpoint, as there’s always an element of vulnerability in cloud backup, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re hoping to keep those private snaps secure.

On the other hand, moving a specific snap to a locked folder will only affect that particular file – so if you’ve made a copy of it before, you’ll need to make sure no other version of it is lurking inside you. is. The Google Photos library that can make that engagement ring a surprise.

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