Nikon’s rumored retro mirrorless camera tipped to land very soon

A few weeks ago we saw rumors about a new retro-inspired Nikon mirrorless Z-series camera – and now it’s tipped to launch very soon.

Nikon Rumors says that a slightly surprising launch, which will have an APS-C camera to sit alongside the Nikon Z50, is still en route and “could be announced at the end of June”.

Other details are scarce, but the credible rumor site says we should expect the camera to have an “old-school design with mechanical dials and an artistic screen.” Its post also includes a photo of the Nikon FM10, a film camera from the mid-90s, which suggests that Nikon’s next launch may follow that model’s design lead.

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The only further speculation about the upcoming camera is that it could, like the Nikon FM10, have a “very slim camera body without a handgrip”.

This will place it firmly in the entry-level category and suggest that it will be an affordable alternative to Nikon for those who want to indulge in its Z-series system. Right now, the only other Z-series camera with an APS-C sensor is the Nikon Z50, with the rest of the series having all high-end, full-frame bodies like the Nikon Z6 II.

While Nikon’s mirrorless cameras had hitherto been traditional, featuring large handgrips that regularly shot with longer lenses, they did not venture into the vintage film camera-inspired designs favored by Fujifilm and Olympus. But it looks like Nikon’s next launch will buck that trend and give beginners and hobbyists a new lightweight option with real character.

back in the future

The film camera aesthetic, inspired by the classic body from the 1960s, has never really gone out of fashion in the camera world. That’s partly because it’s the unique calling card of giants like Olympus and Nikon, but also because their timeless designs offer a tactile shooting experience that just isn’t possible on smartphones.

It’s an approach that’s served Fujifilm particularly well, thanks to iconic models like the Fujifilm X100V, and we recently asked new owners of Olympus for the pretty stunning new Olympus Pen E-P7. Raid the design archives.

But it also means that Nikon will have some pretty strong competition in the retro-inspired mirrorless camera space—particularly from Fujifilm’s X-series, which have similar APS-C sensors but a fair bit of native lenses. The range established from is served by.

The same can’t be said yet about Nikon’s Z-mount, which only has two native DX lenses, though you can adapt many older F-mount lenses by using the FTZ adapter. This combination could be well suited to Nikon’s new camera, if it has a really retro styling.

But it would also call into question previous rumors about the Nikon Z30 (above), which was expected to be closer in design to the Nikon Z50, only without a viewfinder.

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