Five new foldable phones leak, including the Pixel Fold and a giant Xiaomi phone

If you are a fan of foldable phones then the future looks very bright for you, as it looks like there could be a huge number of launches in late 2021. A report details some of the lesser-reported ones – by that we mean, not the oft-leaked Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3, but we’ve heard a lot about them already is.

The report comes from South Korean news site The Ilec, and is primarily about ultra-thin glass, or UTG, the thinnest material most foldable phones use in their displays (which , contrary to the name, contains a plastic layer).

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The report has checked the names of a lot of upcoming and anticipated foldable phones, and we also hear that it refers to “foldable smartphones to launch in the second half of this year”, suggesting that the following devices May be launched soon.

Take that time frame with a pinch of salt, though – if the original Galaxy Fold taught us anything, it’s that tilting smartphones can actually take a lot of time and plenty of delay to come out.

Which phone calls are you coming in?

The most intriguing upcoming phone mentioned is a foldable from Google, which previous rumors have referred to as the Pixel Fold. Apparently it will have a 7.6-inch screen when opened, though unlike other handsets mentioned in the report, we don’t have details about its form factor or external screen size.

Next up is Xiaomi, with a successor to the Mi Mix Fold – Elec calls it the Mi Mix Fold 2. It feels massive, with a 6.52-inch secondary display when folded, and an 8.01-inch main display when unfolded, giving you the same size as the main display. Tablet-like experience.

It’s not the biggest rumored phone, though, as apparently an upcoming Honor foldable will feature an 8.03-inch main display (though with a 6.45-inch exterior). It will apparently launch as the Honor Magic Fold – there’s actually a global Honor launch event happening on August 12th, but we’re expecting it to be for the Honor 50, not a flexible smartphone.

Coming in close to third in the size race is, as per the report, a Vivo foldable phone. It is said to feature an 8-inch internal and a 6.5-inch external display and will apparently launch in the last few months of 2021.

Finally there is an Oppo handset, which feels small compared to others with a 7.1-inch main and 5.45-inch secondary display, though those dimensions make it easily compact. Elec notes that this phone may actually launch in 2022, so it’s most likely not to land this year.

Four of those five listed brands are Chinese companies, and three of them (Vivo, Xiaomi and Honor) have a long history of launching top-end products in China, but not globally. For example, this is what happened with the original Mi Mix Fold, and sometimes brands bring these products to the global market, but only months later.

So even if these phones get announced before the end of 2021, chances are you won’t be able to buy them until 2022, if at all. Don’t get your hopes up on buying one, but they’ll still be good to check out either way.

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