Apple’s new MacBooks are selling well – but still lost serious ground to Chromebooks and Windows laptops

Apple Mac sales are growing strongly in the US, but then there are other PC makers selling a ton of devices too — and in fact, a new report detailing Q1 sales figures shows that Apple has indeed has lost its position as the top dog seller in the US. America, and largely slipped.

The Canalys report details PC sales – meaning desktops, laptops and tablets – in the US for the first quarter of 2021, which saw some incredible growth, driven by the pandemic that has driven considerable demand for new hardware. Have given birth (because many people are now working, or learning, from home).

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Overall growth in the PC market in the US was 73%, a massive increase (with 34 million devices sold), and a high 131% year-over-year growth in notebook shipments compared to the first quarter of the previous year. increased.

Apple did well on its face, with sales growth of 35.7% year-on-year, but at the same time, as mentioned in the beginning, other manufacturers still outperformed, and Apple really took the numbers. had lost its place as a PC seller in the US.

Apple slipped from the top spot to second place with a decline in overall PC market share of 5.5%, which fell from a 25% share in the first quarter of 2020 to 19.5% in the first quarter of this year.

It’s a big blow to the downside, and while the analyst firm observed that “Apple has done well given Q1 is a weak quarter for Mac and iPad shipments”, we’re still looking at the same (weak) last year. Comparing quarter. Still, we agree that this can hardly be considered a bad outcome for Apple; But that slippage is certainly worrying.

Chromebook Corner

The main reason for the decline in Apple’s market share is the power of Chromebooks, which made huge profits, as well as saw sales of Windows machines increase.

Canalys said: “The record-breaking growth over the past year was driven by a 92% year-on-year growth in the consumer segment, as well as the growth of Chromebooks for education.”

The new top PC vendor in the US is now HP, overtaking Apple with a 21.1% market share (strongly up from 16.4% last year). HP posted an impressive 122% year-over-year growth, and a good deal of that success was down to Chromebooks. Canalys also broke down the profit for vendors selling Chrome OS machines, and HP achieved 44% of all Chromebook sales in the US, with shipments up massively compared to 2020.

In fact, the overall market growth for Chromebooks in the US was 548%, and Samsung posted an astonishing 1,963% growth. As a result, in terms of overall PC sales, Samsung hit a level of 116 percent year-over-year growth, which roughly matches that of top-performing HP.

Samsung ranked fifth in the ranking of PC vendors, however, and is still well behind fourth-place vendor Lenovo, which has a market share of 13.7% compared to Samsung’s 9.9%. Last year, Samsung stood at 7.9%, so it’s certainly posing a strong challenge to the big four, driven by that major Chromebook growth.

The future is only going to be brighter for Chromebooks too, with Canalys Senior Analyst Ishaan Dutt noting: “There is no return to the normal for education. The role of PCs in the classroom will remain strong for years to come, ensuring the ongoing demand for Chromebooks.

“The growing Chromebook installed base will lead to continual upgrades and support for the product line. Educational institutions, educators and parents have invested in digital curricula and processes they won’t want to miss.

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