6 reasons to buy a Pixel: Google Photos unlimited storage and more

From unlimited Google Photos and robocall spam protection to great cameras, Pixel phones are more attractive than ever.

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Google’s Pixel phones have a lot going for them.

google pixel Phones are some of the best handsets that money can buy. When you factor in airtight integration with popular tools like Google Photos, Chrome, Gmail, and Drive, the Pixels are exceptionally tempting. A great phone doesn’t just mean having a great camera and great hardware. The software and services a phone connects to is also important. Let’s learn about some of these.

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Pixel phones will enjoy unlimited storage on Google Photos. Other handsets will not.

Unlimited Storage for Google Photos

One big reason to get the Pixel is that it has unlimited storage google photos. unlike other non-pixel handsetsPixel phone has no data cap for backing up photos to the cloud. And the photos you take on a Pixel will be saved in their original quality, not automatically compressed to save space. The extent of this gain varies depending on the pixel you choose: if you can find the first Pixel The phone was released in 2016, you should be able to upload photos at original quality for the life of the device.

Later Pixel phones, including recently released phones Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5gAllow unlimited photo upload on compressed storage saver quality. Google outlines the rules for each Pixel phone on this help page.

Unfortunately it appears that the 2020 Pixel phones will be the last to receive any version of the unlimited storage benefit. According to multiple reports from The Nerdshala and Tom’s Guide, Google isn’t planning on extending this advantage to the next wave of Pixel phones.

No Bloatware, Never

The threat of unwanted apps, services and often redundant software features plagues most Android phones subsidized by US wireless carriers. Not so with Google Pixel handsets. What you get is the pristine Android OS the way Google originally designed it, not with odd skins, proprietary overlays, or weird UIs.

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Pixel phones have access to newer versions of the OS and features such as beta software.

Latest Android OS Updates

In addition to freeing up storage for photos, Google has resolved to make updating its Pixel phones a priority. Whenever a new Android OS version or security patch is rolled out, it will be the first to hit the Pixels. This includes new features aside from full OS updates. And for the really adventurous, the Pixel has its first dibs on beta Android versions as well.

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All Pixel phones can be in Google Fi cellular network versions.

Google Fi is always an option

While the wireless carrier is not a major force in the market, it does offer its own cellular service for mobile devices. Called google fi (not to be confused with google fiber), this MVNO-style system offers pay-as-you-go data plans. It also uses technology that enables seamless switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks during voice calls.

All Pixel phones come in versions specifically designed to work over Google Fi. These phones are also unlocked so you can port them to another carrier if you want. However, things get a bit complicated when choosing a 5G pixel such as Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5g. Google sells three varieties of each: Verizon, Google Fi (unlocked) and unlocked (not 5G). These handsets will work on all major US carriers. That said, not all of them are compatible with every carrier’s 5G network.

squash that spam

If you are constantly attacked by a flood of unwanted scams or vague marketing calls, you will find this pixel feature attractive. The Pixel call screen function in the Phone app works with Google Assistant to prevent robocalls from reaching you. Together they can either block unknown callers from ringing your phone, or screen calls for you in real time.

a cute phone deal

One of our favorite phones on the market right now for $499. is Pixel 4a 5g. Compatible with 5G cellular networks, this handset comes with an excellent ultrawide camera, as well as a large OLED display. It also enjoys strong software support from Google and a promise of timely updates for up to three years. And at $200 less than the $699 Pixel 5 price, it’s a really attractive option.

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