Android users in Europe may get more search choices after Google about-face

Search engines will not have to pay for a seat at the table.

tl; Dr
  • Google is dropping a controversial Android search option auction in Europe.
  • Any eligible search engine can participate for free.
  • As a result you may see more options for search on your Android phone.

You might get more options for Android’s search engine soon—if you live in Europe, at least. as Nerdshala Report (Disclaimer: This author writes for TC sibling site Nerdshala), Google has finished An auction system where companies pay or have the chance to be included in Europe’s Android search choice screen It will also include more than the existing four options.

Google vs EU: Which side are you on?

In the wake of “further backlash” (read: pressure) from the European Commission, the internet giant will now let eligible Android search providers participate for free. as bloomberg As noted last month, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said the auction system was broken and the EU was “actively working” on a fix. In other words, Google risks further regulatory action if Google doesn’t take the first steps.

The updated Android Search Options screen should arrive in September.

Google launched the auction in 2018 in response to the EU’s $5 billion antitrust fine over alleged anti-competitive behavior, which included a requirement that the company distribute its search engine outside of Google Play. The firm said the pay-to-participate approach to the search choice screen helped the competition, but hit rival engines. He said the payment system not only made it harder for smaller search providers, but also penalized alternative business models (such as the tree-planting engine Ecosia) and had far fewer slots.

This doesn’t mean you’ll always see Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, or other alternative search engines when setting up a new Android phone in Europe. You’ll definitely see more options, and you can see engines that were rarely (if ever) an option in the past. This is great news if you’re not a fan of Google Search or just want more flexibility when personalizing your devices.

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