Apple just made FaceTime between Android and iPhone users easier. Here’s how to do it

In iOS 15, FaceTime breaks free from Apple’s ecosystem. Here’s how Android and Windows users can hop over a video call.

In iOS 15, you’ll be able to join FaceTime calls from your iPhone, Android, or Windows device.

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The days when you needed an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to join a FaceTime video call will soon be over. In a move widely seen as Apple’s answer zoom video call, the software giant is making it possible for people who have Android phones and Windows laptops to hop on a FaceTime call — no iPhone required.

The Most Exciting New Features of iOS 15

This does not mean that Apple devices are out of the process. In fact, they’re still so much a part of FaceTime’s heart that the system will depend on the upcoming iOS 15 Zoom and . operating system to look and act like Microsoft Teams. In addition to being able to video chat with people outside of Apple’s bubble, Will be included in the FaceTime update new one grid view and the ability to schedule calls, as well A Watch Party feature called SharePlay.

Most people will have to wait to try out FaceTime with Android and Windows users after the iOS 15 beta arrives next month, or when the finished iOS 15 product arrives in the fall. (here is How to Download Developer Beta Version Now.) But we can tell you how you’ll be able to join FaceTime calls now, no matter what device you’re using.

How do you FaceTime using Android or Windows

The key here is not that the FaceTime app is coming to Android and Windows. This is how you will be able to jump to a FaceTime call using a link. So, if you’re using an Android or Windows device and you have a friend or family member with an Apple device, they can send you a link to join a FaceTime call via text, email, WhatsApp, or a calendar invite. can send.

Once you find the link, all you have to do is click on it, and it will open in your browser. You’ll be able to join calls from there, without having to download a separate app or own an Apple device.

One caveat for this update: To schedule or initiate FaceTime calls, you must have an Apple device and an Apple account. Then, you can create a shareable link to invite other people, who can connect from their browsers on Android or Windows devices — no Apple account required. But those participants will not be able to enter the call unless the Apple user who set it up approves them.

Apple noted WWDC Even on the web, FaceTime calls are always end-to-end encrypted.

For more information, see FaceTime Tips and Tricks and Everything else to know about iOS 15.

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