Did you spot Apple’s ‘top secret ideas for 2022’ in WWDC keynote?

Apple's Craig Federighi demonstrates Live Text for the iPhone.

Despite Apple’s extremely serious approach to the business of making mountains of money, the tech giant still likes to have fun from time to time.

The latest laugh came at the WWDC 2021 keynote on Monday, June 7, in which it unveiled all the new features coming to the company’s various devices.

Delivered via a 105-minute livestream, one of the best chuckles came when Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, unveiled a new feature coming to the iPhone, called Live Text, that lets you take photos of your photos. Digitizes text and even lets you interact with it. this.

While performing the live text, Federighi held up his iPhone to notes that he had written on a white board after “meeting with the team”. Apple makes no direct reference to the executive notes and so some viewers may have missed them entirely.

As you can see from the screen grab at the top of the page, the title of the notes reads, “Top Secret Features for WWDC 2022,” followed by a bunch of absurd ideas, their folly quickly confirming that Apple just committed Have not done the spectacle of the century.

Some of the suggestions listed focus on Federighi’s famous hair (his nickname at Apple is called Hair Force One). These include a “haircut reminder (use the front-facing camera)”, which will likely use artificial intelligence smarts when you need to inflate your head, and the idea of ​​incorporating a “personal stylist” into the iPhone’s software to ensure To do that you always look your best. Like Federighi.

The list also includes a “personalized hologram (video call stand-in)” idea that will let you do something more useful than endure another seemingly endless meeting (it would be very popular, in fact).

As for “Dog AirPods,” well, it’s probably already a Kickstarter project, but we can’t see Apple going for it.

“Autonomous phone recovery (FindMe?)” sounds like some kind of robot that fetches your iPhone for you, while “scroll to recharge” would undoubtedly be a huge hit with customers if only someone could get it working. can find a way.

While Apple clearly has a lot of cool stuff in the pipeline, it’s safe to say that none of the above will launch in 2022, or ever for that matter (though Federighi will push for a “personal stylist” feature). ).

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