Facebook’s leaked Android smartwatch might include detachable cameras

Facebook wants your watch to replace your phone.

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  • Facebook’s rumored Android smartwatch reportedly includes detachable cameras.
  • One will handle video calling, while the other will take photos.
  • It will arrive in the summer of 2022.

Facebook’s rumored Android smartwatch may be even more ambitious than previously thought. ledge Sources claim that the Facebook Watch will include two detachable cameras – one for sharing photos and videos on the social network, of course.

The custom Android wristwear will reportedly focus on a camera hub with a front sensor for video calling and a 1080p, autofocus-capable second camera that can capture photos and videos when detached. According to insiders, Facebook wants people to use the watch the same way they use smartphones today. Third parties will manufacture accessories to attach the camera hub with items such as backpacks.

Accordingly, you may not need to pair the device with any phone. Facebook is said to be partnering with major US carriers to offer LTE data and sell the watch in stores. There will also be a fitness angle, complete with a heart rate monitor.

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You may have to be patient. Facebook Watch won’t be released until the summer of 2022, and the $400 target price could change. Sources said that future versions could control the company’s planned augmented reality glasses.

Facebook has already declined to comment.

A clock sounds extreme, but it could make sense for Facebook. Company chief Mark Zuckerberg supposedly envisioned such hardware as a way to get around Apple and Google, both of which effectively dictated Facebook’s ability to distribute apps and collect data. In theory, Facebook could “block” these companies without worrying about restrictions such as strict privacy controls.

Facebook may not have expected high sales for the watch, despite this goal. Contacts said it only expects to initially sell Facebook units in the “low six figures.” The company doesn’t plan to drop the Apple Watch, Wear OS, or other platform, if that is the case — rather, it will be the first effort that could lead to more hardware if successful.

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