Google abandons terrible idea of hiding full URLs in Chrome address bar

Google thought it would help with security, but it didn’t. However, it disappointed many people.

tl; Dr
  • Google has abandoned its plan to hide all Chrome addresses.
  • planned change would have changed in bus In Chrome omnibar.
  • Google thought the change would help with security, but realized it didn’t.

Google has been trying to fix URLs for several years now. Google has made it very clear that it doesn’t like URLs, especially the really long ones. In Chrome, as it is today, Google already hides https:// part of the url to clean them up a bit.

However, Google Chrome wanted to go even further with addresses. It really wanted to hide everything that comes after .com In an address, no matter what page you are on. For example, the address of this article is But, if Google had its way, it would seem justified to you. in the Omnibar. If you went to a different page, it would appear the same way.

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Of course, if you click on the URL it will expand to its full form, as it does today. https:// parts.

Google’s reasoning behind this was that it can help with security. Using Chrome’s Canary and beta channels, it tested the change to see if it “helps users identify malicious websites more accurately.”

Well, it turns out that didn’t happen. Google accepted as much Latest Chromium Bug Listing (h/t 9to5google🙂

Remove simplified domain usage. This experiment didn’t transfer relevant security metrics, so we’re not going to launch it. 🙁

We’re not quite sure why he put that sad face there. Most people are probably very happy that this change is not happening.

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