Netflix will expand Shuffle Play globally so that you actually end up watching content

Ever found yourself opening a Netflix app and couldn’t decide what to watch? I have often found myself in this dilemma, giving up the desire for a button that can just randomly play something that suits the taste of my content. Well, Netflix is ​​testing a feature that’s been okay for a while, and now, The company plans to release it to all users later this year. This feature is often seen under names such as test ‘Shuffle Play’ and ‘Play Something in the Past’ A few months for a small group of users in a test group.

During the company’s Q4 2020 earnings call, Greg Peters – Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at Netflix – revealed that the above facility would be released worldwide later in 2021. “A new feature that we’ve tested and now we’re going to roll out globally because it’s really working for us, where our members can basically give us a hint that they’re just browsing altogether Want to leave, click a button and we’ll choose a title just for them to play immediately. And it’s a great system that works well enough for members in that situation. “ Peters said that while earning.

No more precious time to decide what to watch on Netflix

Netflix founder Reed Hastings joked that the company should call it “I’m Feeling Lucky”, taking inspiration from Google’s own dedicated button on the search homepage that takes users directly to the first result, the first search. Bypasses the process of opening a list of results. However, Peters shot down that idea and mentioned that the company would come up with something better for its upcoming feature. But as of now, the streaming giant is yet to get a last name for the feature.

Lately, some users have been watching a “shuffle play“The button on the profile selection page is right after opening the Netflix app or its TV/web client. Some others reported” coming “Play some“Buttons in the sidebar. Whatever feature is being called to expire will actually pick up a random content from Netflix’s library based on users’ viewing history and preference.”

The post-Netflix will expand Shuffle Play globally so that you can actually watch content appearing on the pocket are.

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