Pixel devices with Android 12 will get ‘Quick Tap’ to replace squeezy sides

This feature is currently live on some Pixels with Android 12 beta, but your mileage may vary.

tl; Dr
  • The latest Android 12 Beta 2 has an active new feature called “Quick Tap”.
  • This feature allows you to perform custom actions by double-tapping on the back of your phone.
  • Codenamed “Columbus”, the feature has been speculated on ever since Google dropped the Squeeze feature in the Pixel.

Ever since the first Android 12 Developer Preview debuted, we’ve seen hints of a hidden feature called “Columbus”. Through some hacking, you could get Columbus to work, but it was not accessible to anyone.

With today’s rollout of Android 12 Beta 2, all that changes. We now know that “Columbus” is actually named “Quick Tap”. The Pixel-exclusive feature lets you double-tap on the back of your phone to perform various actions.

Android 12 Features: Everything you need to know

Since the feature is easy to use and feels fully fleshed out, it’s pretty much a guarantee that it will make its way to the stable launch of Android 12. This is possibly good news for Pixel fans, who may be disappointed that Google has abandoned the insanely popular “squeezy”. sides” on the Pixel 5. That feature – officially named Active Edge – works in much the same way as this new one.

Quick Tap: How to activate and use

To make Quick Tap work on your Pixel with the latest build of Android 12, go to Settings and do a search. Conversely, you can navigate Settings > System > Gestures.

Once there, you can toggle the feature on or off (it’s off by default). If you turn it on, you’ll have several options for what to do with a double-tap gesture. they include:

  • take screenshot
  • Activate Google Assistant
  • play or pause media
  • Opening the Recent Apps menu
  • Showing notifications dropdown
  • open a specific app

There is also an option at the very end to require a strong tap to activate the feature. This can be useful if you find that you are activating Quick Tap by mistake from time to time.

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