Poll: How happy are you with your current phone?

Can’t justify the upgrade, or are you still more than happy with the device you have?

Smartphone makers want you to upgrade to their latest and greatest devices as soon as they’ve launched. It’s understandable why users do this. New devices from companies often sport the latest innovations, such as faster chips, bigger rear cameras and faster displays. The only real way for users to get these features is by upgrading their devices.

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It’s likely that many users don’t need these features or aren’t willing to drop much cash on a fundamentally similar device. Those still clinging to the old flagships are still benefiting from quick chips and great features. Even recent mid-range smartphones haven’t been that bad, especially from OEMs that offer long software support periods.

But which side of the fence are you on? How happy are you with your current smartphone? Do you want to upgrade any time soon?

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