What are the rumors about iOS 15? Release date, new features and more

Here’s when we think iOS 15 is coming out — and what else to expect from Apple’s latest iPhone operating system.

Will iOS 15 be the same as iOS 14? We are not quite sure.

It’s likely that iOS 15 is on the way. We expect to get the first glimpse of Apple’s next major operating system update next week as the company virtual Worldwide Developers Conference begins (here How to watch WWDC 2021) We have already seen many new features iOS 14.5 in April, including the ability to unlock your iphone With Face ID while wearing a mask, stop apps from tracking you for advertising purposes and Choose from Four Siri Voices.

And we expect a lot of change, expanding with iOS 15. Upgrade to iOS 14 such as home screen widget and quiet camera tricks. We also have a good understanding of when the new OS will be released. Keep reading for every rumor you’ve heard about iOS 15 so far. We’ll also share our educated guesses, including download dates and new features.

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Will iOS 15 come out this fall?

Apple usually reveals new versions of iOS at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. last year’s virtual WWDC started on 22 June, and we got our first look at iOS 14, iPad 14 and MacOS Big Sur. this year WWDC 2021 All will again be virtual and take place next week, June 7-11.

After the new iOS is announced, it becomes available to developers for testing, and usually later in the summer, as a public beta.

Final version of iOS 15 likely to launch in September iphone 13. Although last year, iphone 12was the release of delay in october Because of the pandemic, we still saw iOS 14 released in September. So it’s a pretty good bet that iOS 15 will follow the same schedule.

What about iOS 15 device compatibility?

The only rumor we’ve heard about device compatibility Will need one for iOS 15 yet iPhone 7 Or later, according to Israeli site The Verifier and French site iPhoneSoft. This is no big surprise, because Iphone 6 The models are now over five years old, and run on the A9 chip. It looks like iOS 15 will require devices with the A10 chip, including the iPhone 7 and up, and seventh-gen ipod touch.

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Will iOS 15 have new features?

iOS 15 will likely add upgrades to notifications and privacy protection, as well as more widget capabilities.

We won’t have a good idea of ​​what features are actually coming to iOS 15 until it’s actually unveiled at WWDC 2021. Since iOS 14 was a major update, it’s possible that iOS 15 will make fewer changes and instead build on iOS 14. Install and improve its functionality.

An April 22 report from Bloomberg states that iOS 15 will include Upgrade in NotificationsA redesigned iPad home screen with new device privacy protections, an updated lock screen and widgets. According to the report, users will be able to set different notification preferences based on their current status (for example, driving, working or sleeping) and will have the option to set an automatic reply for each status. Apple is also working on changes iMessage, with the goal of turning it into a WhatsApp competitor, although that may come later, the report said.

According to a March report from tech site PhoneArena, iOS 15 could allow you to change more default apps. In iOS 14, you were able to swap out the default Safari and Mail for other browsers and email apps. The upcoming iOS 14.5 update will also let you change your default music platform from Apple Music. iOS 15 may allow you to do more customizations like this.

PhoneArena also predicts that iOS 15 will make widgets as interactive as they are on Android, which will let you do things like change the volume or turn things on and off. As the site reports, we may also see more widget size options.

iPhone 13 rumored to have always-on display, similar to the Apple Watch. While this is a hardware change, according to PhoneArena, iOS could also change to accommodate this, possibly by updating the lock screen to display notifications in a different format.

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What about downloading iOS 15?

If you’re part of Apple’s developer program, you’ll probably be able to download the iOS 15 developer beta after the new OS was announced in June to test your apps. The OS will be available to download as a public beta later in the summer (this was in early July for iOS 14), so you can download it if you want, but be careful: Betas are usually buggy, and we don’t recommend that you download it to your primary device.

Once iOS 15 becomes generally available, which we expect to happen in September, Apple will send you a notification letting you know you can update. Or, you’ll be able to do it manually by going to setting app > Mango > software update.

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