With iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Apple seeks the privacy crown

Apple today introduced iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, which add a wide array of new features while focusing on privacy.


All the new stuff revealed in iOS 15 for iPhone and iPad, some of which mirror things we’ve seen in Android.

face time

Local Audio: FaceTime is how iOS users connect with friends around the world via video chat. This year, Apple rolled out FaceTime to make it feel more natural and life-like. For example, spatial audio. With Spatial Audio, FaceTime users will sound as if they are sitting in the same room they are talking to. The friends’ voices are spread out in one place to give more recognition to each voice.

Mic Enhancement: Apple changed how it handled microphones with machine learning. It can isolate sounds, block out ambient noise, and even prioritize the speaker’s voice to focus on one person. In contrast, iOS 15 supports wide spectrum, which means the mic picks up an entire room’s worth of sound.

Video: Apple is bringing a grid view to see group FaceTime calls more clearly. Equally sized tiles with the speaker highlighted make it easier for people to see. Portrait mode blurs the background and focuses on the person in the video. This is a feature that is already available to Google Meet users.

Facetime Link: iOS 15 lets people easily generate links for FaceTime calls and share them anywhere on the platform. FaceTime links can be sent to Calendar, Messages, WhatsApp and other apps. Android users can also make calls in FaceTime from the browser. This is a new and welcome feature.

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