You told us: Here’s how many video streaming services you subscribe to

How many readers subscribe to five services or more? How many answered “none”? We reveal all below.

There are so many video streaming services to choose from, and often keeping tabs on your favorite shows requires the use of more than one. This can be a very expensive undertaking, especially if you subscribe to, say, more than five. However, judging by a recent survey on our website, a considerable number of users do the same.

We asked readers how many video streaming services they subscribe to. Here’s what he told us.

How many video streaming services do you subscribe to?


This survey provided some surprising readings. Not only did the results turn out to be amazing across the board, but a remarkable number of users don’t even subscribe to the video streaming service. More than one in five of our readers, or 21% of respondents, do not have a video streaming subscription with any platform. It was also the most popular option among the six options.

About 17% of readers subscribe to at least one service, but Goldilocks figures the figure to three. Just over 20% of the respondents have subscribed to the three video streaming services. Although some people take it a step further. While 13.6% of readers claim to subscribe to four streaming services, about 12.5% ​​subscribe to “five or more”.

As for the most popular services, Netflix featured prominently in the comments, with Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and HBO Max also seeing mentions. Many users also subscribe to Britbox to binge UK TV shows.

here’s what you told us

  • Peter Turner: Netflix, Britbox and Amazon Prime Video.
  • montisakadeis:none personally because I use my parents’ accounts.
  • JL T0x: I currently have Netflix (longtime user), Hulu, Disney Plus and I get free streaming on HBOMAX, OWN, Lifetime, ESPN, FX, MTV and 30 other networks via a separate cable/internet subscription with Spectrum Access is available. Endless content. The only media content I have to pay extra is some latest movies in theaters.
  • mayors ransford: Netflix and Apple TV Plus.
  • Konrad Beauty-Darsee:netflix for anime 🙂
  • tennisfreak: Netflix and HBO Max (but it comes with my ATT phone plan).
    If all these companies keep taking their shows off air and putting them behind subscription paywalls then it is going to backfire. People have neither unlimited money nor the desire to spend on a dozen paid subscriptions.
  • Colin English: I subscribe to Netflix, Now TV and Britbox in the UK. There are some Netflix shows I want to watch, now there are others, and Britbox has BBC programs from my childhood such as Doctor Who from the 1960s.

That’s all for this poll. Thanks for your vote and comments. If you have any additional thoughts about streaming services or results, leave them below.

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