watchOS 8 release date, features and Apple Watch compatibility

Apple’s WWDC 2021 conference starts on June 7, and watchOS 8 is one of the big software launches we’ll likely see — here’s how to watch WWDC 2021 if you’re interested.

The kick-off Keynotes conference will probably show us the next operating system update, as well as iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, so you can see what new features are coming to the Apple Watch.

This doesn’t mean that your Apple Watch will get the watchOS 8 update directly — you’ll probably have to wait until September before you can remove and upgrade to watchOS 7.

We’ll update this article with full details of all of those things when they happen, but for now, you’ll find information on watchOS 8’s potential release date and compatibility below, along with some of the things we’ve heard.

Then, further down, we’ve included a list of the changes, updates, fixes, and new features we want most from Apple’s next major Apple Watch software update, so read them and see if you agree.

Breaking News

Apple is likely to showcase watchOS 8 at WWDC 2021, which we know will run from June 7 to June 11. We’ve also heard that a new Mind app may be introduced.

cut to the chase

  • What is this? Next Major Apple Watch Software Update
  • When is it out? possibly after the September, 7 June unveiling
  • How much will it cost? it will be free

watchOS 8 release date

watchOS 8 will probably land in September, as the Apple Watch 7 and iPhone 13 are expected this year, while new versions generally come with new hardware.

However, although it probably won’t be finished and released until then, watchOS 8 will be announced much earlier. Apple often unveils new watchOS software during its annual WWDC event, which is being held from June 7 to June 11 this year.

So we’ll probably see watchOS 8 at WWDC 2021, with a developer beta launching around the same time, and a public beta following. Of course, some features may not be revealed until very close to the launch of the finished software.

watchOS 8 compatibility

We don’t have any official details on watchOS 8 compatibility yet, but watchOS 7 is available for all models from the Apple Watch 3. So if there’s a model left for the new software it will most likely be the Apple Watch 3.

That said, Apple still sells the Apple Watch 3, and dropping support for a product that’s still on sale that same year probably won’t be as popular, so we’re considering making watchOS 8 available as watchOS for all Apple Watch models. will see. 7.

watchOS 8 news and leaks

There haven’t been many leaks and rumors about watchOS 8 prior to its official unveiling, but we’ve heard that a new wellness app called Mind may be on the way. We may also see a Contacts & Tips app specific to the Apple Watch with the next smartwatch update.

what do we want to see

While we wait for the rumors to arrive, here’s what we want from watchOS 8.

1. Better Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking needs major improvements

People have been calling for a native sleep tracking feature in watchOS for centuries and with watchOS 7 it finally arrived, but it’s limited to say the least.

It doesn’t include information on the amount of time spent in each sleep phase (deep, light, and REM), or the relationship of your sleep with your sleep schedule or stress levels—so the data are both basic and lacking in insight. We want to see this significantly overhauled and improved with watchOS 8.

2. Improving Hand Washing Monitoring

Hand washing monitoring is a useful feature in times of pandemic, and may come in handy to some extent even when life returns to normal, but there is certainly room for improvement.

In our Apple Watch 6 review we found that the feature can be erratic when it comes to activating, and once it starts tracking it will sometimes stop the timer, even if you don’t actually use your watch. Hand washing – which means you have to wash them for longer than the convenience suggested to make it happy.

Some of this could be a hardware issue, with the Apple Watch sensors not being accurate enough, but we hope that can be improved with watchOS 8 on the software side as well.

3. A Better On-Watch App Store

watchOS App Store could use work

These days the Apple Watch has its own App Store, but it’s less so than the iOS App Store. In our Apple Watch 6 review we noted that the opening screen has no categories to explore, and no tailored recommendations, instead just offering a random selection of apps.

With watchOS 8 we want the App Store – and especially its home page – to become a more welcoming, personalized place. Ideally, one that surfaces the apps you’re actually interested in.

4. More Workout and Sports

You can already track all kinds of sports and other workouts with watchOS 7 from running to swimming to dancing and beyond, but there are always more activities, and we wish there were more of them in watchOS 8 be trackable with

For example maybe skiing or climbing. You can do some very basic tracking of these things with watchOS 7, and third-party apps give you more options, but we want a proper workout mode for activities out of the box.

5. Control Center Widget

Control Center can easily place widgets

Apple has now brought the widget to the iPhone, and we would like to see the same happen on the Apple Watch. Sure, there are complications out there, and there’s less space on the screen for widgets than on the phone, but some can easily be added to the Control Center.

Both of these complications can be larger, and give you access to more widgets at any time – just let users scroll or swipe through Control Center pages, and there’s no limit to the shortcuts and information that can be displayed. can go.

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