Windows 10 update will give the settings panel a much-needed overhaul

Microsoft’s upcoming Sun Valley update for Windows 10 will give the operating system’s Settings panel a complete overhaul with new colorful icons and a proper dark mode.

The software giant first introduced its modern Settings menu in Windows 8 eight years ago, although it was known as “PC Settings” at the time. With the release of Windows 10 in 2015, the PC Settings app was renamed to “Settings” and included more options that were previously exclusive to the operating system’s Control Panel.

While Microsoft originally said it would eventually migrate all Control Panel options to Settings once the app was fully developed, the software giant moved every year as opposed to having to do some settings at once. done.

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as reported by windows latestThe Settings app is getting a major upgrade with the release of Microsoft’s Sun Valley update, which will be based on the company’s new design language.

Settings app redesign

Ahead of its next big Windows 10 update, Microsoft is working on new icons for some of the main options in its Settings app to make them stand out a bit more. The updated app will also feature a revamped layout and more colorful icons.

Just like the Control Panel, the Settings app will also have a navigation menu on the left. This will make it easier for users to find and access primary options like updates and security, personalization, Bluetooth and more. These options will also be visible when users navigate between pages using the app.

The updated Settings app will also give users more options when it comes to customizing Windows 10. For example, Microsoft is working on adding new settings pages to the app that will allow users to personalize their touch keyboards by changing the size of their keys, colours. and multitasking controls. Additionally, a new feature in the multitasking settings page makes it possible to have separate virtual desktops for each monitor when using multiple monitors.

While things may change somewhat before the release of Microsoft’s Sun Valley update, it’s still unclear whether the company will move all of its options to the Settings app or move Control Panel and Settings away from Control Panel entirely. planning or not. Will be present side by side.

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