Game developer Eidos-Montréal is switching to a four-day workweek

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One way to deal with a crisis is to work less in general.

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Eidos-Montreal and its subsidiary Eidos-Sherbrook are switching to a four-day workweek, game developer announced on Thursday. The Square Enix-owned company is currently working on the next big Marvel video game adaptation, Guardians of the Galaxy.


“This initiative is another step towards embodying the studio’s values, creating a healthy, creative and sustainable work environment for our employees,” studio head David Anfosi writes in the company’s blog. “The idea is not to shrink the working hours to four days, but to review our working methods and our invested quality time with the aim of doing better!”

Eidos-Montreal says that both studios will be closed on Fridays over the next few weeks, “without changes to current working conditions nor employees’ pay, thus the switch from a 40-hour week to a 32-hour week.” Will be done.” The company is not entirely clear about how it plans to adapt to the new structure, but there are suggestions that one change would be to implement smaller meetings.

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Re-examining work schedules and work-from-home policies has been a welcome change brought about by the pandemic. In the context of the video game industry, it’s notable how often employees are forced to overwork themselves to hit deadlines or exceed expectations. There’s no guarantee that the shortened workweek will prevent the crunch from happening, but it at least bakes in longer than workers can expect to rest.

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