It’s a new year, with tons of sports, movies, and more waiting for you. While the industry won’t really start to take off until the end of this month, there’s plenty to be excited about for gamers to come across on the horizon. This week, Cameron and Anthony chat about some of the best games that ended in 2021, as well as some of the biggest news from the past few days.

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Closing things off, PlayStation revealed the PSVR2, though it may take some convincing to get more gamers involved. The headset looks promising, though it’s not clear if it solves some of the biggest complaints fans have about the original. Namely, the first iteration had lots of cables and an extra box to plug in, which is part of why it didn’t make much of an impact.



Next up, Ken Levine’s next game is stuck in development hell, according to a new report. Developers who worked with Levine have complained about his directing style, stating that poor communication makes it difficult to recreate his ideas. Publisher Take-Two has reportedly given Levine a lot of liberties that could work against the project.

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In other news, days passed The director has stated that the game sold over 8 million games, but was regarded as a failure by Sony, while Ghost of Tsushima hit similar numbers and was well regarded. However, more details have emerged, and the director’s numbers may not be accurate.

In the end, Riot Games settled a $100 million sexual assault lawsuit, setting a new precedent for future lawsuits. Also, EA canceled harry potter MMO that looked quite promising.

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