It’s been a pretty slow week for video game news, as the holiday season is in full swing. Today is also very special, as Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to come together and enjoy food, friends and family. For those traveling or eating out, the latest episode of the game Rent Arcade is available now.

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First of all, chrono cross Might be a remaster, if a recent rumor is to be believed. Fans of the franchise have been gushing over the news, though it is still not confirmed. However, there is a lot of evidence, including chrono cross remaster Nvidia database leaked and a voice actor confirmed that he worked on the project.


Next, a mass Effect The work on the TV series is reportedly underway. While there is no information about the project, it looks like Amazon and EA are closing in on a deal to turn the series around. However, fans have some concerns about the casting and plot, which will be crucial to bring the game to life.

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Additionally, Epic Games has purchased Harmonix, the studio behind rhythm games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The studio will support Fortnite’s live concerts, an interesting application for its talent. Some expressed disappointment that the studio would not work on larger projects, although support for some of its existing games would continue.

Finally, multiversus The roster was officially announced along with some interesting characters. Plus, Cameron and Anthony walk through their Xbox careers on the Xbox Anniversary Museum website.

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