So far, 2022 is a slightly slow start for the games industry, but the promise of major new games is on the horizon. This week, though, Cameron and Anthony for Game Rent Arcade keep it simple, talking about the latest news and Twitter’s favorite new trend, Wordle.

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First, however, Dying Light 2 Earlier this week it claimed to be 500 hours long, which immediately sparked some controversy. Developer Techland has since clarified its comments, stating that the 500-hour mark is what players will need to see every bit of content. Dying Light 2 is on offer. Realistically, gamers can expect to spend a few dozen hours with it if they want to complete the campaign and finish a few side quests.


Next up, PlayStation is producing more PS4 consoles. However, this news has had a mixed effect. This distracts from PS5 production, and could mean holding back new hardware as the console generation transition slows. Of course, it’s hard to say how much overlap there is with PlayStation’s components. However, the lack of a computer chip seems common enough, so it’s an odd move on Sony’s part.

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Xbox recently commented on the ongoing Activision-Blizzard issue, with Phil Spencer saying in an interview that it affected Xbox’s relationship with Activision. That’s good to hear, but judging by Activision’s response to the situation so far, it doesn’t look like this will be enough to force the changes to Activision.

Finally, Take Two is buying Zynga for $12.7 billion, making it the biggest game industry acquisition of all time. The move means fans will likely start seeing the Take Two franchise make its way to mobile devices grand theft auto, bully, And red Dead Redemption Everything seems possible.

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  • PlayStation is making more PS4s

  • Xbox Comments on Activision Blizzard

  • Take Two is buying Zynga

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