After a surprise reveal out of nowhere during this year’s E3, metroid dread After a long wait of 16 years, it is in the hands of the players. Naturally, fans of the series are incredibly excited. After waiting so long for a new title in the franchise, gamers are hoping for it to succeed by urging other players to give it a try.

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While the idea of ​​a 16-year hiatus may seem shocking to those new Metroid, old fans know about the game called metroid dread Working since 2005. Back when the rumors first circulated Fear Being in development, it was considered a sequel. Metroid Fusion on Game Boy Advance. As the title was reportedly in development limbo for some time, no 2D . was not Metroid Game released in 19 years, now broken dreads release.


metroid dread There have been positive reviews by critics and fans alike. With gorgeous visuals and amazing art direction that fans love the pieces, Metroid The series has a bright future ahead. With this in mind, many fans of Samus and his adventures know that sales are the best way to show support and desire for more. To ensure the series gets another title in the works, players have taken to social media to urge more people to buy the new game with “#BuyMetroidDread.”

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While some are trying to promote and glorify it, some are pointing out how metroid dread has already been successful, reaching number one on the online sales charts for easy pre-orders and purchases. As the title may already be set for success, some fans are rallying together under the hashtag “#ThankYouMercurySteam” to directly thank the developers for their time with the game.

With fun games for a lot of gamers like metroid dreadIt is natural that some players want a sequel as soon as possible. The game promises to end the franchise’s current story arc with as much bang as it can, and if it delivers, fans may wonder what awaits Samus Aran after the events of the game.

Even then, Metroid Fans at least hope they won’t have to wait too long for the news, because Metroid Prime 4 Still in development. Until then, it looks like players are waiting for another Nintendo announcement.

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