GameStop and Konami to invest in NFTs

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Konami and Gamestop have announced investments in the NFT (fungible token) space, as the companies move forward with controversial digital goods.

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Running news: according to a Wall Street Journal report, GameStop has hired over 20 people to run a new division dedicated to building cryptocurrency partnerships and an NFT marketplace.

  • The company is reportedly reaching out to game developers in the interest of creating NFTs for that market.

Currently, GameStop is launching a. will be a creator with Website Where they can request to join the end market.

  • Interested creators fill out a survey that includes questions about how applicants describe themselves, from freelance artists to “meme lords.”

Additionally, Castlevania developer and publisher Konami Is auction Off NFT based on the series to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

  • In Letter As for shareholders, President Kimihiko Higashio stated that “With the development of technologies such as AI, 5G and NFT (Fungible Token), as well as the growing recognition of esports as a sporting event, we expect the market to be inventive.” New ways to enjoy sports.”

Meanwhile, Sega is approaching the NFT carefully, noteworthy That the company wants to “try out different experiments”, but “nothing has been decided at this point.”

  • “there have been many [announcements] about it already… but there are users who [have shown] Negative reactions at this point.”
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Catch up quickly: NFTs are cryptocurrency tokens that make a digital item – which can be anything from a GIF to a virtual piece of property – into an asset that, in theory, could only be owned by a person.

  • Some critics say that NFTs are unethical as may be due to their sale. massive energy use and, in turn, an external influence carbon emission,
  • there are also tending To scamsThe hackers dupe the victims with huge amounts of money.
  • Developers such as Ubisoft and Square Enix, as well as legendary designers Will Wright and Peter Molyneux, have already embraced NFT efforts.

What will happen next: According to the WSJ, GameStop’s Marketplace is expected to launch before the end of the year.


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