GameStop Despite the move to more of an online order-focused outlet, the physical location remains the go-to place for many people trying to buy games and consoles. This includes, of course, cheaper Black Friday sales and a constant tryout on the latest consoles.

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What many might not know, however, is that many of the employees who worked through the Black Friday terror also worked through Thanksgiving Day before that, as Gamestop didn’t let its employees leave for the holiday. This is only the latest in a long line of complaints that GameStop employees have with the series and are becoming increasingly known.


See, GameStop has never had the best reputation as a place to work, and that reputation is only getting worse now. Not long ago, Gamestop’s stock was going down the toilet before a series of online investors kicked it back higher in a meme-worthy saga. Although rising stock prices mean a lot to investors, some of that money has improved lives for the retail employees who are the lifeblood of Gamestop. Their complaints are often shared on the GameStop subreddit, and as PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles get restocked, those complaints only keep getting higher.

Let’s talk about labor hours… From

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As consoles arrived and bought, employees were put under the unusual and terrifying stress of constantly telling people they couldn’t get their hands on said console. Worse, the hours are long, especially around this season, and the management is forgiving. But perhaps the worst is compensation, as a pay freeze is in place for its rank-and-file employees, despite unprecedented amounts of money pouring in through its shares in the company. As even the big chains like Target increase their pay, GameStop employees are stuck at $9 an hour. GameStop’s chief operating officer recently left after just seven months, and that puts him in line with many GameStop retail employees.

These complaints also don’t come from uneducated or lazy workers, as a passion for video games is often translated into a dedication to GameStop workers, which many people find surprising. At least one GameStop employee also pursued a thief.

Sadly, this is just one of many examples of companies in the video game sector brutally treating their employees this year, and it likely won’t be the last. Maybe GameStop should focus on keeping its employees around instead of moving to NFT.

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