NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a fairly controversial topic within the Internet and gaming in particular. More recently, gaming publisher Ubisoft, famous for producing Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, And sentinel The franchise has received several complaints regarding the implementation of NFTs in their games. The system, known as Ubisoft Quartz, has also confused and disappointed the company’s developers, leading to what it called a “mass exodus” from the publisher.

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Now it appears to be a video game retailer GameStop Wants to venture into the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. A recent report suggested that GameStop has brought on twenty new hires to begin development of the crypto division, which will soon begin cryptocurrency collaborations, starting with the major currencies currently available for purchase. Gamestop’s NFT Marketplace will also be developed by these new employees, and will allow people to buy, sell and trade NFTs and in-game items.


Despite its sales being somewhat crippled by the growth of digital downloads within the gaming community, GameStop has seen a massive stock boom in recent years, largely due to the Reddit community r/Wallstreetbets causing a stock market crash resulting in GameStop stock. Well increased in expected rate. Following this incident, the company wanted to secure itself for the future, and it appears that jumping into the ever-expanding world of NFTs may be the company’s plan for the future.

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Public reception has generally been poor for companies planning to venture into NFTs and cryptocurrency. With the aforementioned disapproval of Ubisoft Quartz by many gamers, there have been calls from Final Fantasy 14 Players for Square Enix to cancel their NFT plans after the company’s president adopted NFT. Also, survival horror game dead by daylight And its developers received criticism from fans for including NFTs within the game.

Outside the world of companies and consumers, there are some who are currently taking issue with those investing in NFTs. Twitch streamer Asmgold recently criticized those who spend huge amounts of money on NFTs. While the blockchain technology used to create the NFTs is an interesting idea that could have a bright future, the way it is being used is strange, the streamer said. Whether one is for or against NFTs, that doesn’t stop companies from planning how they will build their own NFT or NFT marketplaces, as GameStop has now become the latest on the list of big names to endorse them.

Source: wall street journal

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