It has been a long, dark year for many, but at least for the people of the United States, the threat of the coronavirus is not as dire as it was in 2020. Players have new games to look forward to in early 2022, and there are plenty of good options right now, including the option to go out.

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That last choice is one that people are making more and more, to the point where there isn’t as much time for gaming as there was before. Many people first turned to video games during the worst of the pandemic, or returned to an old hobby, but now that the threat has subsided, they are gaming less than ever.


According to the NPD Group, almost half of the players who take gaming as a hobby have stopped playing regularly. The number of people who regularly play video games in the United States increased from 73% in 2020 to 79%, but has now fallen to 76%. Half of those trying it out for the first time or wanting to get acquainted with gaming again put their controllers down once more, or longtime players finally moved on.

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It is evident. With most of the quarantines lifted, players need not stay at home and limit themselves to indoor activities, but that’s not all. The gears of business are grinding back at full speed, as opposed to the pace they crawled during the worst of the pandemic, and people must once again keep up. Players don’t have that much time to photograph red dead redemption 2 Now, as to how things have to be done. Despite this, players are still spending more on video games than before the pandemic.

Not only is the amount spent on a regular basis still increasing, but the amount of time people spend playing the game collectively is also increasing. This is in large part due to older players taking up gaming again. some people who saw Darkness spirits Appear, blow up, and the ten year old clearly wants to jump back into the gaming scene.

The trend of spending more time playing video games is certainly one that deserves further examination, but with the fall of the pandemic the figures for fewer people playing games are quite healthy. The fact that there’s more to do than stay inside and play all day is a good one. After all, the pandemic caused Ubisoft to rename a game too much, and no one wants to experience it again.

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