Steam has long been a host to a wide array of titles appealing to all kinds of different audiences. This is a place where AAA first-person shooters rub elbows with niche indie simulation games. Drago Entertainment gas station simulator Definitely falls into the latter category.

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Operating a gas station in the desert may not sound like the most exciting pitch for a hit game. However, gas station simulator Offers exactly the same experience and appears to be doing quite well for itself on Steam.


The game debuted on 15 September and quickly reached an initial peak of 5,619 concurrent players before reaching a new high of 7,380 at the time of writing. Now, that doesn’t seem like much compared to the 140,000-plus players that jumped into Amazon recently. New World Beta on Opening Day. However, it’s an impressive launch for an indie simulation game with no real marketing push.

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Gas Station Simulator Gas Truck

gas station simulator The run-down “Dust Bowl” in the desert opens with players buying gas stations. It’s their job to fix it and turn the abandoned shack into a thriving business. After cleaning and repairing the building and getting everything in working order, players get to work helping customers and expanding their business. This includes offering new services and improving shopping for their tool shops and convenience stores. But it’s not all lucrative business decisions, as the game also simulates the more mundane aspects of operating a gas station. This includes everything from restocking fuel and merchandise to sweeping at the end of the day.

gas station simulator Drago Entertainment’s second full release, the first Treasure Hunter Simulator From 2018. The old game sent players to exotic locations in search of ancient artifacts. Based on Steam reviews, this is an excellent game for anyone who enjoys real-life metal detection, but doesn’t deliver the kind of sim experience that many players were looking for. However, gas station simulator There doesn’t seem to be a problem with getting “very positive” user review ratings on Steam. The developers seem to have found their niche too, with upcoming titles like Road Diner Simulator And Food Truck Simulator, among others.

related to gas station simulator, the game has both a free-to-play demo and prelude for players to try before buying. Preface, Gas Station Simulator: Opening Days, focuses on repairing and reopening the abandoned Dust Bowl gas station. The demo, meanwhile, moves players to experience the day-to-day activities of running a fully functional Dust Bowl. There’s also a 10% discount on full games until September 22, giving potential players another incentive to watch it.

gas station simulator Out now via Steam for PC.

Source: SteamDB

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