GeekWire Gift Guide: 10 ideas for people who love games

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From top left, clockwise: Arcade 1Up Rebuilt Arcade Cabinet, Steam Deck, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Essential Kit; Xbox Series S.

The great thing about shopping for sports fans is that they are usually easy to please. At this point, each platform has a virtual storefront, so there’s always room for some gift cards, and unlike hardware or collectibles, scalpers can’t buy all of the digital media before they get to your store. Even tabletop games have printable versions and PDFs that are much cheaper than paper ones.

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If you want to go the extra mile, or if you want something you can really wrap up, here are some gaming-themed selections for your shopping dollars. This doesn’t include the PlayStation 5 or Nintendo’s OLED Switch because, like the previous installment, we’re focusing on the goodies you can actually expect to find. And as an added bonus, scroll down for our top video games of the year.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th version essentials kit

(Wizards of the Coast Image)

We’ve spilled a lot of ink about the recent rise of D&D, It was already a household name, but live-play shows like . because of vital role and a variety of tools that let you walk D&D Online, the franchise has really exploded over the past two years. If there’s someone on your list who’s curious about the game, but hasn’t committed to buying the books yet, Wizards of the Coast essential kit It has everything a newcomer needs to get started, except people to play with. Price: $24.95,

steam deck

(valve photo)

It’s always awkward to give someone a pre-order slip for Christmas, but that’s life during international chip shortages. recently delayed steam deck Valve’s entry into the crowded field of portable options for PC gaming has received a lot of press, but it’s also one of the cheapest ways to get a decently powerful computer that suits a student, designer, or anything else. can handle. The artist would like to throw it at him. It’s not just a game machine; It’s a solid alternative to a traditional desktop that costs like a Chromebook. Price: $399.99 and up,

Games See More: saga of zelda

(Nintendo Image)

Back in the day, Nintendo got into the video game business with its Game and Watch line of handhelds. new edition of this year honors both that and the 35th anniversary of saga of zelda, Packing three early games into the franchise and a revamped 1980s version Cruel (also known as exterminator) in a device that is also a working desktop clock. More importantly, it’s a neat, one-of-a-kind video game collectible that has somehow survived this year’s pandemic of “Grinchbots.” Price: $49.99.

kids on bike tabletop game

(renegade games studio image)
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The rules-light RPG is always worth keeping on hand as a gateway for new players, and you won’t do much better than a crowd-funded indie kids on bike, Set to a player-determined point before smartphones were a thing, Renegade Game Studios’ kobi is a collaborative rule-lighting game where players take on the role of small town kids investigating local mysteries. kids on bike It’s fast-moving, focuses on narrative choices, highlights combat, and is easy to pick up on. If you want to see it in action, check out the acronym live-play show Misfits and Magic, Price: $25.00.

Arcade 1Up Rebuilt Arcade Cabinet

(arcade1up image)

The retro-gaming market has grown rapidly over the years, and arcade1up One of those companies that was ready to take a profit. Based out of Florida, Arcade1Up specializes in recreating classic ’80s and ’90s arcade machines on a three-quarter scale, using LCD screens and on-chip emulation to mix modern technology with old-school gameplay . There’s quite a queue of Arcade1Up cabinets out there at this point, but for my money, the ones to see are X Men Cabinet ($749.99), which recreates Konami’s 1992 tough arcade brawler, and Street Fighter II Big Blue Arcade Machine ,$599.99, shown above), which combines three versions of SF2 Like the original with nine other Capcom arcade classics darkstalker The Trilogy Way is perfect for break rooms, barricades, and if you have the space, home setups.

dice forge board game

(labelled image)

If you’re shopping for a nerd, you usually can’t go wrong with a board game as a gift, unless they already have it. This was one of my favorite games I played for the first time this year dice forge, An elaborate game of resource management and the occasional back stabbing where you roll your dice on the fly. (why yes it Is European.) It’s certainly one of those games where it’s easier to play than to explain and explain, but dice forge It gets surprisingly intuitive in a hurry once you’re really in-game. While you’re at it, check out its 2019 expansion, Rebellion, Price: $39.99; for $34.99 Rebellion,

Fixture Gaming S1 Mount for Nintendo Switch

The Fixture S1, which has a switch on it, is shown in its official carrying case. (Photo: Thomas Wilde)

At this point in the Nintendo Switch’s lifetime, “Joycon Drift” seems to be just a fact of life, or at least Nintendo is treating it like one. Whether you run your Switch occasionally or have one grafted onto your hands, sooner or later, there are stock controllers. to be to wear out. NS stability gaming The S1 mount, as seen in this year’s packs, is one of a handful of third-party products that attempt to address this. It’s a durable hinged clip that attaches your Switch’s screen to the Pro Controller. Does this sound a bit strange? Yes, it does, but it makes you keep taking your Switch on the road and playing it with a gamepad that really works. Price: $29.99.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

(Nintendo Image)

As indicated above, Switch Pro Gamepad More or less a must for die-hard Nintendo Switch fans. It’s a solidly built, rechargeable alternative to the Switch’s Joycon stock controllers, with a nice solid feel and time-tested ergonomics. Is it obnoxious that the best Switch Pads are $70 extra? Yes absolutely. Is this even the best controller for the system? Besides that, yes. Anyone who uses their Switch for multiplayer games can always use one of these ($69.99If you’re on a budget, useful third-party Pro options include: PDP Afterglow ,$54.99), which also looks good, and PowerA’s Wired Enhanced ,$24.99), which plugs into the USB port on the Switch’s dock.

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

(SteelSeries Image)

You probably know someone who is about to replace their mousepad. NS SteelSeries. to QcK Made from micro-woven fabric and comes in six sizes, from the traditional 250mm x 210mm to the 5XL monstrous that can cover your entire computer desk. It’s made from easy-to-clean micro-woven fabric that makes it easy for precise mouse movements. I don’t like the giant, grateful logo in the corner (hello, the new place where my tea mugs go), but I do like the comfort, utility, and durability of the QCK. Price: $14.99 for the larger size, above.

xbox series x controller

(Microsoft Image)

Microsoft’s wireless Xbox controllers have quietly become an option for gaming on PC and mobile devices, so it’s worth having one around even if you don’t have an Xbox. While the typical “Cadillac alternative” to direct-from Microsoft gamepads is the high-end elite ($179.99), it currently has a word-of-mouth reputation for its low build quality (there may only be one bad batch in circulation) making it hard to really recommend. While there are many competing third-party options like Razer Wolverine, plain old stock xbox series x controller Comes in five colors (like the Shock Blue, above), is built to last, and works with all of your Bluetooth-powered gaming platforms. It is not rechargeable, which is Weird For gamepads in 2021, but I guess you can’t have everything. So far. Price: $59.99,

xbox series

(Microsoft Image)

This may be your best bet for really putting the ninth-generation console under the tree this year. While the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are rare on the ground, amid high demand and automated scalpers, xbox series seems to have flown under the radar of resellers and was Best selling consoles on Black Friday 2021, The Series S is less power efficient than its monolithic big brother and doesn’t have a drive to read physical media, but you can easily build it into a box for streaming services, a retro-gaming powerhouse, or a gadget. Your Xbox Game Pass subscription is gone. Most importantly, you can actually find the thing to buy it, at least for now. Price: $299.99,

game of the year

(Nintendo Image)

2021 has been a strange time for the video game industry. Because games usually take at least a few years to make, the various workflow disruptions from the 2020 pandemic lockdown only started to have a significant impact this year. Many large projects were repeatedly delayed, pulled to be reworked, or canceled altogether; Others managed to release, but had cut clear material or didn’t feel completely complete.

didn’t mean it was a Bad year, but it is the one with less pronounced peaks and valleys. even the game i Liked 2021 felt a bit rushed; I don’t think I deserved the number of recommendations I made this year. If you want to put some software at the bottom of the tree, here are some of the things I feel comfortable supporting.

A note to switch owners

For parents with Switch at home, or anyone buying Switch games for kids: one very Great kid friendly Nintendo Switch games. When in doubt, get something with Mario on the cover and you’ll probably be fine. However, physical Switch games ship on SD cards which are almost…

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