GeekWire Podcast: Amazon’s Alexa is going to space, and more news from the final frontier

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Alexa, open the pod bay doors.

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Amazon’s voice assistant hasn’t quite reached HAL’s level, that iconic AI 2001: A Space Odyssey, However, we learned this week that Alexa is going to space later this year, and for a technology demonstration aboard the Orion deep-space capsule as part of NASA’s Artemis 1 mission, around the Moon.

Veteran space reporter Alan Boyle, GeekWire contributing editor, joins us on this episode of the GeekWire podcast to explain what Alexa will be doing during the mission, and the partners in the demonstration — Lockheed Martin, Amazon and Cisco — are proving to be are supposed to. Process.


Then we discuss some of these Major Milestones of the Last Year in Space, which features Blue Origin taking the first paying passenger on a suborbital commercial flight, along with highlights from SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and more. And we look forward to keeping an eye on upcoming events as Allen in . explained in detail by Their Annual Venue Recap and Preview,

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And in our final segment, we return to Earth, as podcast producer Kurt Milton and I discuss celebrity chefs. Shocking revelation of Gordon Ramsay What we thought was a well known Amazon company.

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By the way, we used alexa skill blueprint Alexa to impersonate HAL at the opening of this week’s show. You’ll hear a very different response if you ask Alexa the same question on your device.

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