General Fortean’s secrets are revealed in Gamma Flight #4 preview

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As Al Ewing’s Immortal Hulk races toward its finale, the spin-off limited series Gamma Flight also nears its conclusion, Marvel Comics released a preview of Gamma Flight #4, the final issue.

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Written by Ewing and Crystal Frazier with art by Lan Medina and Antonia Fabella, Gamma Flight focuses on the anti-Hulk workforce of the same name, from gamma-empowered characters such as Absorbing Man, Doc Sasquatch (a more recently amalgamated form of Sasquatch). is made. and Doc Samson), and Dale Fry, the puck of Alpha Flight, She-Hulk’s rival (and Absorbing Man’s wife) Titania, and America Chavez, along with other allies.


In this preview for Gamma Flight #4, we’re offered a glimpse into the past of Dion Fortian, the daughter of General Reg Fortian, as she learns of her father’s transformation into a new hideous-type Gamma villain. Initially the leader of the Shadow Base, whose mission was to capture and use the Hulk, General Fortian has been one of the main villains throughout the immortal Hulk and its spin-offs.

And it’s not only readers who get some insight into Fortian’s experiments from his daughter, including strange gamma-related surgeries performed for the Hulk’s son Scar and even altering his own daughter. . Dion himself spills the beans on Gamma Flight as well, as he attempts to track down Emil Blonkey, the original Abomination (and that character’s return to the MCU in Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings and She-Hulk). on time) .

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Here’s a preview of the pages, which include covers by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz and Marcio Manz, and Patrick Zircher and Jesus Abertov:

Gamma Flight #4 is due out on September 22, 2021, just weeks before Immortal Hulk #50, the series finale.

Take an even closer look at Marvel’s future, beyond this preview, by checking out Marvel Comics December 2021 requests.

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