jenshin effect Update 2.3 will reintroduce Double Banner, which means there won’t be any new characters in the coming three to four weeks. The banner will feature two very popular five-star characters, Albedo and Yula.

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jenshin effect Two new characters have been introduced during the official version 2.3 livestream event, the long-awaited Arataki Ito and Gorou. Both these characters will be featured on the second banner cycle which should arrive around December 15 as per the usual schedule of miHoYo.


A recent credible leak on Reddit apparently revealed the four-star characters who will be joining Yula and Albedo during the upcoming banner. As previously predicted, the four-star characters for both banners will be the same, meaning that if players want a certain four-star character they can spend their primogames on either banner. The banner will include the following four star characters:

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    Bennett – a four-star pyro sword user

  • Rosaria – a four-star cryo polearm user

  • Noel – a four-star Geo Claymore user

Each new banner brings with it a small event where players have the option to try out the respective banner characters and get rewarded for it. A recent update on the Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit has revealed the prizes for the upcoming test run event.

The new double banner from MiHoYo works in such a way that the 90-wish guarantee is spread between the two banners. For example, if players fail to get Eula after spending 50 Wishes on their Banner, spending 40 Wishes on another Banner will guarantee a five-star drop. The same applies to the four-star 10-Wish guarantee.

official jenshin effect The Twitter account has revealed the weapon banner for the upcoming update which will feature two five-star weapons. Song of Broken Pines is a DPS Claymore, perfect for players who want to draw for Yula. Its passive buff increases both damage and attack speed which is the main thing to look for in a DPS weapon. The use of the Freedom-Oath is highly situational because its secondary status, Elemental Mastery, can only be used by certain characters. The best character to use this weapon is probably Kazuha, who may be part of the upcoming jenshin effect The banner runs again in the following months.

jenshin effect 2.3 will be the first update to feature Double Banner Re-Run, which means players will have the chance to choose from two Five Star Banner characters at the same time. This could be miHoYo’s way of making up for the absence of a brand new five-star character in a certain Banner cycle. Double Banner will come in the first cycle, and will include Albedo and Ulla, meaning players can start building right beforehand. jenshin effect Team composition for these characters.

jenshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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