jenshin effectThe upcoming 5-star Geo Claymore character – the first of its kind – has wowed something in his fanbase. The official Twitter unveiling of “The First and Greatest Head of the Arataki Gang” garnered nearly 200,000 likes, more than twice the splash art debut of the gacha game’s best-selling Raiden Shogun. Arataki is in the mere image of Ito in players’ wallets chokehold – essentially, dataminers have dedicated themselves to digging up every golden nugget of Ito information available to version 2.3 beta testers.

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The subreddit r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks is currently flush with Itto content. just a few days ago, jenshin effect Fans were piecing together blurry, covered screengrabs of the back of Ito’s character model: There’s now a lot of footage floating around the Internet of her potentially official model walking in Inazuma. Physically, some players are expecting more variety in jenshin effectThe K body model types were disappointed that the Ito still used the “tall male” design, although the illusion of newness was given with the added shoe height and visible muscular chest. A popular fan of Ito presents how he can appear in the game:


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Arataki Ito’s passive animations are in line with his boisterous, confident personality: the first is stretchy and battle-ready stomp, and the second is a bit of preening with a hair comb. The beta version of Itto carries a red, black and gold claymore, which is speculated to be his signature 5-star weapon. Ito’s elemental skills include a ground-hued punch to the wind, which, unexpectedly, summons a small bull-like creature. His Elemental Burst is activated with a stylized depiction of his oni lineage (mischievous demons in Japanese folklore) and turns his equipped weapon into a giant, rocky club, descending with golden flashes of earth energy. Oni iconography reappears in his leaked namecard, titled “Ony Face” with the tagline: “A real man holds grief and anger behind him and smiles brightly for the world to see!”

Ito’s Elemental Skill features a taunt similar to that of Mona and Ember: the little bull he calls, supposedly “Ushi,” is the mascot of the Arataki gang, whose own HP is determined by a percentage of Ito’s Max HP. has been done. Ushi deals Geo DMGs to opponents and gives Itto a power stack. Ito’s Elemental Burst converts normal/charged/plunging attacks to Geo DMG, buffers his ATK in proportion to his DEF, and affects him with 20% elemental and physical resistance. His passive talent in particular increases his “Arataki Kesatagi” DMG to 35% of his DEF.

jenshin effect Players who prefer to cultivate further for their favorites are in luck with some Ito’s Ascension and Talent content predicted to be Onikabuto, Slime Condensate, Teaching of Elegance, Signora’s Ashen Heart, and Privitha Topaz Is. However, Ito is rumored to be in need of drops from a Rift Hound boss that debuts with him in the next update, as well as a new DEF-based artifact set that could suit his kit (keep in mind that all beta content subject to change). Curating the perfect Ito artifact set may have to wait, but recently 2.2 Tsurumi Island is available to explore, jenshin During this, fans will be very busy.

jenshin effect Available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5.

Source: Twitter | genshine intel

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