2021 has been a banner year for Chinese developer MiHoYo for both of its major franchises. Honkai Impact 3 Earlier this year there was a major collaboration with the iconic anime franchise neon genesis evangelion, And jenshin effect It has exploded in popularity since its release last September. MiHoYo recently announced that the next title from the developer will be a new venture in this Honkai universe, officially revealed the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail.

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Honkai Impact 3 The player is assigned the command of a team of “Valkyries”, tasked with fighting evil creatures that threaten to wipe out Earth’s population. Mihoyo and Honkai Impact 3 Has displayed numerous collaborations throughout 2021, partnered with the pre-mentioned Evangelion and even partnered with the company’s other major titles. jenshin effect. Now Honkai Cosmos will receive a new title with a different style from its predecessor.


Official reveal trailer from Thursday shows players will have a first look at the characters and story Honkai: Star Rail. The trailer features a variety of different environments and looks like the game will feature open exploration jenshin effect. promotional website for Honkai: Star Rail Turns out the title will deviate from Mihoyo’s other games and feature turn-based combat rather than action RPG combat. jenshin And Honkai Impact 3. players returning from Honkai Impact 3 Some will recognize familiar faces in the game’s cast, such as Himeko and Welt.

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The trailer also announced open sign-ups for the game’s ongoing closed beta testing, which began yesterday. Players looking to enter the ground floor of Mihoyo’s latest space adventure will be given a brief survey that asks questions related to players’ experience with other mobile games and intended game equipment. Some of the headlines mentioned in the survey include titles such as jenshin effecthandjob arcnites, And Fire Emblem: Hero, with the heavy emphasis on gacha games it appears that Honkai: Star Rail Will feature a gacha system.

MiHoYo fans have been criticized jenshin effect In recent weeks thanks to the game’s faded first anniversary awards and the company’s reaction. Angry fans of the popular RPG used the outrage to express dissatisfaction with some of the game’s features and Mihoyo’s lack of response to these criticisms. Some of the game’s furious fans even went on review-bombing jenshin effect and other apps, completely unrelated to other titles from Mihoyo like League of Legends: Wild Rift Even more google classroom. Despite this, 2021 has been a wildly lucrative year for MiHoYo, and the company hopes Honkai: Star Rail The chain of success will continue.

Honkai: Star Rail In development for mobile devices and PC.

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